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Víctor Navarro-Remesal and Thiago Falcão | Keywords in Play, Episode 11

…studies by researching agency. So, I was very obsessed with the theme. For a while, I wrote my dissertation on agency, trying to crossbreed the term coming from the discipline of game studies, but also taking it through a more sociological understanding I used at the time, I was very caught up with Bruno Latour’s, actor network theory. So, I was really interested in theme. So it’s a theory that discusses agency profoundly. So, I wanted to see how it happened in virtual worlds and I discussed the World of Warcraft. Once someone said to me, everyone discusses World of…

January 2022


Kat analyses how both Outer Wilds and Rain World use static environmental difficulty to represent ‘nature’ as powerful, indifferent, and not to be trifled with, actually. (Manual captions)

  • World of Warcraft and the Pleasure of Mundanity – Afterthoughts (27:52)

    Sam Kern compares definitions of ‘play’ and ‘fun’ against recollections of enjoying more passive and repetitive forms of engagement – particularly grinding and exploring – in World of Warcraft. (Autocaptions)

  • Concerning: Hypothetical Futures

    These next four videos look at different intersections of technology, ideology, online communities and anxieties about contested versions of ‘the future’

    ReadySet Zam archive

    Soren Johnson Discusses Sid’s Lessons

    Soren Johnson discusses a number of lessons he learned from Sid Meier during his time at Firaxis.

    All four observations are good, but the third and fourth are especially resonant for me. Calls for thematic simplicity and “show, don’t tell” have grown increasingly loud as of late. When Jeff Kaplan says at GDC “we need to stop f*cking writing a novel in our game [World of Warcraft]“, I doubt he’s saying that the story in WoW is completely wasted effort. Rather he’s observing that presenting a massive wall of un-engaging writing to the player is the laziest and

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    September 27th

    …stuff that I’ve written, but I’ll make exception for an announcement about the ever popular ‘Permanent Death’ story series that I don’t want anyone to miss. I’m very excited about the final production.

    I have on good authority from twitter user m_eilers that the GSW column ‘Design Diversions: (Press Any Key to Skip This Article)’ is a good read. It starts like this:

    About thirty levels into World of Warcraft, I realized that I did not need to read two paragraphs of text to justify killing twenty specific woodland creatures. It was at this point that I

    November 1st

    …by way of the twitter feed of N’Gai Croal: Keith Boesky suggests that EA should be going after a World of Warcraft style subscription model for their entire product lineup. Bizzaro indeed.

    The latest Tigsource Compo is only open to artists and musicians rather than the usual indie game making crowd, with the submissions to be used in the follow-up compo to make indie games. Sounds like a great way to start some fine new indie game partnerships.

    Mary Prince writes about how Neopets taught her complex maths concepts (for a 13 year old) like compound interest….

    Jesse Schell, ‘Design outside the Box’

    …psychology underlying Schell’s talk, his post ‘Behaviourist Game Design‘ dives into the different forms that external motivators can take. Variable reinforcements turn out to be particularly effective and are not at all foreign to games. They are:

    …exactly how the random drops work in a roguelike such as Diablo or World of Warcraft. It’s no wonder that people will spend hours grinding for loot if their brains are conditioned to do so by the most efficient reward system that we know of.

    George Korkoris of Burning North is, like Sirlin, no big fan of external motivators;…

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    July 11th

    According to my working document naming convention this is the 70th TWIVGB I’ve assembled. That’s somewhat mind boggling, and so is the number of posts this week!

    Greg J. Smith at Serial Consign usually blogs about architecture, and occasionally, we are blessed with an essay like this one

    August 29th

    …player takes meaning out of a game (both positively and negatively) through the ways the game affects the player in the real world. To twist this around: the real-world consequences of the player’s virtual actions communicate meaning to the player.

    The first time I realised this was happening was a few years ago when, as part of a quest, I tried jumping from a great height in World of Warcraft and my body tensed up, completely in response to what I was seeing.

    Evan Kilham writing for community site Bitmob about ‘Making “Wrong” Decisions in Open-World Games’…

    December 12th

    …site talks about the rods and cones in our eyes [mirror] and how it affects precision platforming in Super Meat Boy. Adrian Forest from Three Parts Theory gets back to writing talking about how in game maps are used as a dynamic part of the fiction. While at Second Person Shooter, Laura Michet tells us about a completely user created game: 1000 Blank Cards and the utter insanity that arises.

    The Border House’s Cuppycake looks at the unconventional beauty of Princess Theradras from World of Warcraft [mirror].

    Pyrofennec from Ars Marginal looks at the turn Dark Fantasy has…