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Adrienne Shaw | Keywords in Play, Episode 14

…the game, and you just put everybody to sleep, you don’t kill anybody, that’s built into the game. Like if there’s a badge associated with it, you know, somebody made it into the game. Versus you know, there’s stories of people who want to play through all of World of Warcraft as pacifists, it’s actually really hard to do that unless you’ve matched up with people who will do all your killing for you. And so like, that’s something that’s not built into the game, and that you have to find a way around what the game wants you to…

February 27th

…next, an interview and a commentary, about making and playing games in wider communities.

  • AN OUTCRY (Developer Interview) – DEEP HELL Skeleton chats with writer and developer Quinn K about fangames, translation, the desire to be heard through one’s work, and their new horror game, An Outcry.
  • It’s a Man’s World of Warcraft – Uppercut Elle Biesemeyer describes how toxic masculinity and abusive behavior permeate the social experience of online worlds (content notifications for racism, slurs, sexual harrassment).

“Our identities don’t disappear when we enter a video game. Gaming doesn’t provide an escape for

April 23rd

…This Heads Explain Why the Industry Needs Another ‘Culture Shift’ | IGN Rebekah Valentine chats with Anita Sarkeesian and Eve Crevoshay about how the industry has changed in the last ten years–and how it still needs to change.

  • Years ago, the NSA spied on World of Warcraft — how have things changed since? | Polygon Kaile Hultner investigates the state of state surveillance in online games past and present.
  • “While many see MMOs as sites separate from their daily lives, where they play and fight and occasionally get rewarded for their efforts with treasure, the intelligence…

    October 1st

    …its homage to a tabletop game, Baldur’s Gate III does best what it does best because it is a videogame.

  • say something, pinocchio, please | a weapon to surpass blaming yourself or god while knee-deep in the dead Chuck Sebian-Lander pulls at some thematic tensions in Lies of P‘s borrowed approach to telling a story without the protagonist’s voice.
  • Emerging Stories in the Sims | Ada Play Adarel contemplates different intersections between player and system input in the stories that happen in games, in The Sims, World of Warcraft, and beyond.
  • “The Sims doesn’t have…

    May 12th

    …confer value on acts of reading.”

    Just the Way You Remember It

    Here we’ve got three explorations of different contours of nostalgia, examining coziness, contradiction, and catharsis.

    • Soul Calibur: Forever young | Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster Kimimi revels in Soul Calibur‘s ever-enduring moment of spectacle.
    • World of Warcraft, RuneScape, and Turning Back the Clock | Bump Combat Joey Wawzonek wanders through the contradictions of nostalgia in games old, new, and new-old.
    • Review: Stephen Sexton, If All the World and Love Were Young | Gamers with Glasses Samantha Trzinski reviews Stephen Sexton’s poetic exploration…

    May 31st

    …this week interviewing Brooklyn based ‘Anamanaguchi‘ in ‘The chiptunes band that just might break through‘.

    While we’re on the subject of music, Dan Bruno makes a triumphant return to blogging this week at Cruise Elroy with his latest entry in the ‘Irregular Meter’ series of posts. This time he looks at the use of irregular meter in music of the Warcraft series. Previous entries in the series covered irregular meter in Jet Force Gemini, Road Rash 3 and the Penny Arcade game and in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VIII and IX. A great series for anyone interested in…

    Kill Screen archive

    …your 80 year old grandma

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