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Assassin’s Creed III

…course, would not stand idle in the face of such accusations. In an official response to the Globe editorial, Ubisoft’s Marie-Claude Bernard clarified that AC3 was a piece of historical fiction that did its best to honor different historical interpretations of the American Revolutionary War. Ubisoft showed its commitment to historical truth by hiring a historian for the duration of the project’s development, and a consulting team from the Kahnawake community (on the south shore of Montreal, Canada) to ensure fidelity of representation of Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) culture and experience. On the issue of Connor helping the patriots, Bernard pointed out…

Assassin’s Creed II

…sight “reconfigured” in the artistic techniques and architectural practice of the times. Ezio’s arch-nemesis, Rodrigo Borgia, also sits atop the papal throne of Rome, in a world in which monumental architecture captures the onlooker’s gaze, and provides a sense of omniscience for political “insiders”. Thus Ezio’s climbing activity on these structures is subversive to the authorities of the day.

[…]Landscapes serve both the interests of this political narrative as well as the interests of uncovering the mysteries of power in the game. Ezio is constantly trying to see the order of the conspiracies that underlie the hidden power structures that…

Deadly Premonition

…suggests that the murky graphics and sound design actually beautifully supplement the world of Greenvale. The piece describes the game as creating an “impressionistic world” in which the real mixes with the unreal in a unsettling way. It forces the player to clash their understanding of how games should feel against the compelling artificiality of the world of Deadly Premonition.

To be engrossed in such a world is a dramatic sensation. While technically rough in some ways and downright shoddy in others, the power of immersion cannot be denied. Oli Welsh at Eurogamer recognises that the game “borders on plagiarism”…

The Last of Us

of sexism?

Perhaps a good intro to The Last of Us as a manifestation of this phenomenon is Mattie Brice’s piece , where she suggests that the game’s model of fatherhood comes at the expense of daughters.

Basically, our audience and developers are getting older, but are still not observant of how they make all other types of people serve them for their character growth.

Jorge Albor argues that The Last of Us “ undermines any nascent concept of fatherhood by questioning the ethics of normative fatherly behavior when pushed to an extreme.” Bianca Batti disagrees with Albor’s…

Sonic the Hedgehog

…to build upon the work of an entire salaried team of people tends to have specific beliefs and views about the work they’re a big fan of. In videogames, a nice go-to example is the difference between the developers’ approach to mechanics, and the dedicated fan’s approach to mechanics. The latter tends to revel in their use, and endeavours to utilise them as much as possible, often out of a drive to truly wring out the potential of each with the goal of creating something either more difficult, or more engaging and in-depth, than the work they’re a fan of.



Lists and Legacies

Most of these articles look at the combined significance of the original game and the sequel from the perspective of the end-of-decade reflection that was prominent during the end of 2019, but there are also other categories too.

In an article for WIRED , Julie Muncy includes Pathologic 2 in a list of the most influential games of the 2010s . Although the game only came out in the last year of the decade, Muncy works hard to argue that its influence will be long-lasting:

After all, it hasn’t had time to influence anything. But mark

Kentucky Route Zero

…lost, discarded people”:

An emptiness permeates your journey, a sense that we are at the end of a story that is slowly trailing off into silence. Everywhere you go seems either abandoned or about to be, displaced not by the intrusive whims of wealthy gentrifiers but rather the impersonal vampirism of companies who turn people out of their homes not to fill them with anything of value, but simply to leave them vacant on principle, like row upon row of hollow monuments to the power of concentrated wealth.

Kelsey Tabbert’s long-form literary analysis of KRZ dives deep into the sights,…

Bioshock: Infinite

of Bioshock Infinite , in the form of a three-hour long Youtube live-read or a sprawling, thirteen part review on Action Button (available through archive). His bottom line on the game was that it was “The best game of all-time, and the worst game of all-time, inserted into opposite ends of a transdimensional nuclear supercollider.”

Non-gaming websites also took note of Infinite in mid-April. Phil Hartup at the New Statesman viewed Infinite ’s success as a damning indictment of the gaming world’s idea of an “epic,” calling it “the world’s most successfully polished turd.” Paul Meekin at Hollywood Chicago writes…

Mass Effect Trilogy

…contends that Tali’s suit allowed for the possibility of imperfection, and that her final appearance was a disappointing reaffirmation of heteronormative standards of human beauty:

Tali: veiled perfection, calibrated voice due to the air purifiers, a humanoid form but not entirely Human, she my escape from the world I know too well but instead she becomes a return, a future point of reference referencing the all too present past, the pain that is knowing the world has turned into a universe yet still the forms of the Old/New World govern, 1492 indistinguishable from a 2183, Columbus setting sail into the

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October 2019


  • World of Warcraft Classic and What We Left Behind – Folding Ideas

    In a broad but always-interesting piece, Folding Ideas examines World of Warcraft’s long evolution against the much-touted notion of it having an ideal past form. The video responds in part to assumption-based arguments made by “outrage merchants”, and ends up looking at the evolution of ideas and philosophy behind choices in MMOs, such as the contextual desirability of traits like self-direction and grinding.

  • Spookyween

    Halloween is well behind us now, but let’s review a little of the season’s bounty to finish up.

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