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April 30th

…How much could be changed about our existence if we could reverse the direction of entropy—an underlying physical factor in things like aging, decay, and death?”

Death drive

The announcement of the latest Call of Duty game has people talking about history, while others have been thinking about time and memory in relation to the body.

  • You Can Thank ‘Call of Duty’ for Everything You Love (and Hate) about Modern Shooters | GQ Reid McCarter’s essay on the legacy of Call of Duty highlights some often-neglected aesthetic themes that the series established early on,…

November 12th

…id=”temporality”> Reaching out towards the past

This week, there were two pieces that compared the latest iteration in a series to its first title, finding in the original some design strategies that ought not to have been abandoned.

  • Reaching out towards the past in Assassins Creed Origins | Gareth Damian Martin compares the vistas of both the first and the most recent Assassin’s Creed games to the work of 19th century “orientalist” painter David Roberts.
  • The New Call Of Duty Could Learn A Thing From The First Call Of Duty | Kotaku Heather Alexandra argues

June 2nd

…products are used by weightlifters, climbers, and pole dancers — but those are all activities where a sweaty hand could mean a serious injury. Is it necessary for playing Call of Duty? Well, maybe not. But ask yourself this: is it necessary to play Call of Duty at all?”


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December 2019

…in touch with any and all videos you’d like to recommend (hashtag TMIVGV), and that goes double for creators that fall outside the over-represented ciswhitedude norm.


  • Does Call of Duty Believe in Anything? – Jacob Geller (25:29)

    Jacob Geller explores the discrepancies between Call of Duty’s stated apoliticism, its marketing campaigns, and its renditions of military “controversy” which nevertheless continue to validate status quo narratives of the US military. (Manual captions)

This, in microcosm, is what Call of Duty believes: War is hard, and often brutal, but there are a Few Good

October 31st

…Generation‘s seemingly disparate design tensions.

  • Call of Duty’s latest marketing campaign misses the point of Call of Duty | Polygon Kazuma Hashimoto meditates on Call of Duty’s relentless, fetishistic pursuit of authenticity, as mediated by its parallel function as a propaganda machine.
  • “Activision treats this history as something to be exploited in pursuit of “realism” for a franchise that is already entangled with the American military industrial complex in its use as a recruitment tool. It is a tasteless attempt at appealing to its most devoted player base (who are indeed more fixated on the historical…

    Kill Screen archive

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  • August 16th

    Where have all the flowers gone? And if your answer to that is anything but “Oklahoma!” we can never be friends. But that’s enough deep cut references out of me for one opener — let’s move ahead and get going with This Week in Videogame Blogging!

    Nasty, Brutish and Short

    Robert Rath, famous for his Critical Intel column, appears to have found a new home at Playboy, discussing Call of Duty consultant P.W. Singer’s very FPS-inspired novel Ghost Fleet:

    Ghost Fleet is what Call of Duty would be like if it put on a tie

    This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2021

  • Duty Bound — Real Life Nadine Smith shares a tale of how propaganda–in Call of Duty and elsewhere–works on more than just reactionaries.
  • THEY’LL LEAVE YOUR BRAINS ALL OVER THE PLACE – DEEP HELL Skeleton tracks the trajectory of firearms in games towards fetishization, finding an apex in BLACK where the verisimilitude of the gun porn produces an ironic sense of abstraction that papers over the consequences, implications, and raw jingoism at play in this game and all games like it.
  • White Protagonism and Imperial Pleasures in Game Design #DIGRA21 | meghna jayanth Meghna Jayanth outlines the
  • Kotaku UK archive

    …Odysseys Hint Art Challenges 2018/01/02 The World Of Ruin In Ffvi Is About Searching For Hope In Desperate Times 2018/01/03 New Style Boutique Styling Star The Kotaku Review 2018/01/04 A Pocket Of Passionate Players Is The Only Thing Keeping Competitive Arms Alive 2018/01/05 Finding Paradise Explores How Childhood Trauma Can Echo Through Our Lives 2018/01/05 Ten Speedruns That Take Over Nine Hours To Finish 2018/01/08 Blizzard Cant Leave Mercy Alone 2018/01/09 16 Things Twitter Taught Me About Warframe 2018/01/09 Hackers Aside Call Of Duty World At War Is Still Gruesome Fun 2018/01/09 Mario And Sonic A Tale Of Two Mascots…

    August 23rd

    …Gingy’s Corner: Hashihime of the Old Book Town | Unwinnable Gingy Gibson considers the contemporary experience of a horror Visual Novel in the context of working life as a front-line healthcare worker.

  • CoD of Duty – DEEP HELL Skeleton examines the latest Call of Duty‘s ahistorical revisionism in the context of the series’ long-established banal jingoism.
  • The Storm-Cloud of Death Stranding – Uppercut Matteo Lupetti investigates the climate science and symbolism behind representation of clouds in art, and relates this context to Death Stranding‘s imagery and ideology.
  • My Life as a Fallout 4 NPC | Sidequest Sara…