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July 24th

…battle in Hong Kong tells us about the future of Pokemon Go | ZAM Robert Rath considers the possible social futures of Pokémon Go.

  • Pokémon Go Is Bringing New Yorkers Together | Kotaku Cecilia D’Anastasio highlights a short video documentary about the Pokémon Go phenomenon which praises it for creating a sense of commonality between people, while also showing the darker side of fantaticism.
  • Jocks without Borders | Real Life Mag A compelling essay about the imaginaries of sport and e-sport. Side note: the illustration at the top of this article is rad as hell and I want…
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    July 19th

    Kept you waiting, huh?

    Much like how Kiefer Sutherland replaced David Hayter, I’ll be filling in for Zoya this week, so welcome to This Week in Videogame Blogging! Let’s get started:

    Pokemon Go

    The flavor of the month, Pokemon Go, drove the majority of both website and real-world traffic:

    Pokémon Go Succeeds Where it Counts | Unwinnable

    Harry Rabinowitz starts things off on the streets of New York, as the population took to the streets to catch Pokemon and exchange smiling faces.

    Pokemon Go: Developers Drop the Pokeball on Accessibility

    Elsewhere, things

    Kill Screen archive

    …different kind war story

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  • February Roundup: ‘Buddy Systems’

    …online friends lists align.

    Looking back into games, Stephanie Jennings, writing for Ludogabble, discusses how odd it is that for all the emphasis Pokemon places on social activity, until Pokemon X and Y, there is no effort to create any relationship between the player’s avatar and their pokemon. Jennings muses about how appropriate the pokemon-amie system originating in X and Y is, comparing it to Mattie Brice’s Pokemon: Unchained challenge from 2013. From Jenning’s article:

    But I wonder if players would feel increasingly uncomfortable with the violence of battle if the opportunities to develop emotional attachments…

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    September 30th

    …outside it looks like we just sat there.

  • We didn’t know if any of our efforts would work. Usually they don’t.
  • And that’s totally normal.”
  • Cross-Generational Catching

    With Pokémon hitting the 20-year milestone in the west, there’s been lots of reflective writing on the series. In particular, I was interested in these two contrasting viewpoints, each in their own way looking at the games’ evergreen accessibility and prioritization of a more casual, less-experienced audience.

    • You’re never too old for Pokémon – Polygon Petrana Radulovic advocates for what makes Pokémon accessible and engaging at…

    August 14th

    …down with oxygen tanks strapped to our backs and water pressure compressing our fragile lungs and vessels, we will never get to see it up close.”

    Pokemon Go

    • Full Disclosure: Pokemon GO | Haywire Magazine Taylor Hidalgo expresses the value of Pokemon Go, in the opposite direction to how you might expect such a review to be written.
    • What ‘Pokemon Go’ and ‘Skyrim’ Have in Common | PopMatters Nick Dinicola highlights game design techniques that encourage a sense of discovery.

    “The compass in Skyrim was meant to point us towards interesting locations….

    May 13th


    On the player side of the equation, Chris Waldron writes favorably of player-developed, voluntary hardcore challenges in their ability to change the experience of play:

    Take, for example, the ‘Nuzlocke Challenge’ of the Pokemon RPGs. In the standard game, Pokemon faint once their hit points are depleted; in a Nuzlocke run, they die, and therefore must be instantly released, never to be seen again; if your whole team falls then I’m afraid it’s game over. […] the Poke-universe takes on a whole new air of morbidity. It stands to reason that if your Pokemon

    September 4th

    …and assumptions in Emily is Away.

  • Digimon Cyber Sleuth Is One Of The Best Games I’ve Played In 2016 Doc Burford highlights how the narrative systems of Pokemon and Digimon lend themselves toward very different statements about the nature of trainer-creature relationships.
  • “What sets Cyber Sleuth apart from Pokemon—and what ate up so much of my time—is the way it lets you digivolve and de-digivolve your mons. With Pokemon, evolution is a linear affair. Sometimes, you might have an evolution that requires more than just experience, like a stone that forces an evolution, but there’s not…