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November 1st

…cohesion. On one hand, uhh, that’s an awful lot of labour we’re talking about, and at the upper level that labour is often harvested in coercive circumstances. But while acknowledging that very real issue, what are the fruits of these synnergies? How do character designs, or orchestrated leitmotifs contribute to a game’s overall themes? Two articles this week unpack these connections in detail.

  • League of Legends: Behind the K / DA Craze on MORE | GamerFocus Julián Ramírez and Diana Mafla discuss the K-pop inspired stylings of K / DA and how the group members’ fashion stylings reflect

October 2020

…finds Mafia 1’s remake to be a rewarding thematic lift, but muses that it could have gone a bit father re: addressing the dissonance. (Manual captions) [Includes embedded advertising]


Never far from the discourse, the relationship of players and player-choice to the identity of player-characters was a hot topic in October.

  • The Problem With Seraphine – Alexandra Orlando (6:12)

    Alexandra Orlando takes Riot to task over their recent tone-deaf guerrilla/social-media marketing choices of League of Legends character Seraphine. (Autocaptions)

  • Who Gets to be Awesome in Games? – Game Maker’s Toolkit (14:01)

July 21st

…clear for representation as they offload identifying character details to game-adjacent lore works.

  • Gingy’s Corner: Bonds | Unwinnable Gingy Gibson reviews a game that takes a thoughtful look at the ins and outs of kink and consent.
  • A League of Their Own: Women’s Esports in Southeast Asia | Fanbyte Alexis Ong takes the temperature of the state of feminine representation in competitive gaming.
  • “as societal expectations change — glacially, incrementally, painfully — women in Southeast Asia are finally finding a place in competitive gaming, even if it has to be in a league of their…