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  • June 9

    …be based on straight-up plagiarism. A sample:

    Late last year, according to four different people, Stieglitz fired the lead designer on Dungeon Defenders II and shifted direction on the game, telling the development team to start taking ideas from the popular arena battle game League of Legends. The motto floating around the company, employees told me, is “if League does it, we do it.”

    “He threw out design work to copy League of Legends,” said one person.

    “Interesting, creative ideas [were] thrown by the wayside because ‘we don’t have time,’ or ‘Does League do it? No?

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    March 3rd

    …Mass Layoffs Devastate Disabled Game Developers | IGN Grant Stoner focuses on health care access among laid off developers in a country with no real public health care coverage.

  • Riot is cutting off its most inviting entry point to League lore | Polygon Cass Marshall laments the losses in storytelling and worldbuilding that also accompany the layoffs of creatives.
  • “As a longtime fan of League, I’ve followed the specific creators who create champions, story arcs, and other bits of fiction. The recent round of layoffs has removed some of these people from Riot, leaving their creations…

    October 25th

    …as well as how brands leverage both. Maybe this was the horror-themed section this week all along…?

    • The Branding Behind Seraphine, the New League of Legends Champion, Is Gross | Fanbyte Natalie Flores reflects not just on Seraphine, but on the social media culture that makes her possible in the first place.
    • The dog pile: How I Infuriated A Few Hundred Final Fantasy Fourteen Fans To Death Threat Levels Brendan Caldwell chronicles a narrative arc of fan toxicity, the gaming PR circuit, and asking an inconvenient question.
    • Why is a League of Legends character Tweeting about

    Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

    December 23rd

    …the why’s and how’s reveal our cultural perspective of people who don’t fit into cisgender norms.

    In a similar vein, Zoya Street of The Border House responds to recent calls to ‘out’ League of Legends champion Taric as gay, challenging the assumptions taken in assigning Taric’s gender and sexual identity:

    [M]aybe Taric is not gay. Maybe he loves women almost as much as he loves gems. Maybe he doesn’t identify as a guy. Maybe he just doesn’t know yet. Maybe he doesn’t need to explain his gender expression in terms that fit your worldview.

    Or maybe…

    November 20th

    …work in esports and game design.

    • League Of Legends Teams Call For Changes In New Letter To Riot Ethan Gach fills us in on labor disputes at Riot Games, with some implications about the structure of esports that I found pretty surprising.
    • ‘The Zooniverse’: Where The Grind Actually Matters | PopMatters Mantas Krisciunas discusses productivity, serious games, and the juxtaposition of “grind” as a waste of time against Science as a worthwhile activity.

    “Out of all the reasons why gamers decide to launch themselves into hundreds of hours of repetitive content, I feel like

    November 8th

    …comes to gaming, consider this link a fist-bump of solidarity with New Zealand gamers. The situation is (or was) that Microsoft locked a number of them out of Xbox Live downloads a few months back, and Tracey Lien takes the time to explain the whole strange situation.

    Jorge Albor explores the online world of League of Legends and its online culture in ‘The Blame Game’.

    Not really one to link to reviews, this section nevertheless caught my attention in John Walker’s review of Dragon Age: Origins,

    …these dwarves come with a history. The younger of the

    August 5th

    …environment? Dys4ia’s use of metaphor is straightforward and effective, and we as players instatntly understand what it’s telling us. That’s the power of comparison.

    At Moving Pixels, G. Christopher Williams actually attempts to answer the question of “u mad?” He’s a braver person than I, evidently. His piece is an interesting consideration of why League of Legends players so obsessively want to know if they’re hurting their opponents. The answer speaks quite directly to the lack of consequential signifiers in online competitive play, he says.

    The Mary Sue’s lovely regular contributor Becky Chambers does it again with…