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  • June 9

    …last year, according to four different people, Stieglitz fired the lead designer on Dungeon Defenders II and shifted direction on the game, telling the development team to start taking ideas from the popular arena battle game League of Legends. The motto floating around the company, employees told me, is “if League does it, we do it.”

    “He threw out design work to copy League of Legends,” said one person.

    “Interesting, creative ideas [were] thrown by the wayside because ‘we don’t have time,’ or ‘Does League do it? No? Then it’s a waste of time, we need to do what League

    Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

    December 23rd

    …similar vein, Zoya Street of The Border House responds to recent calls to ‘out’ League of Legends champion Taric as gay, challenging the assumptions taken in assigning Taric’s gender and sexual identity:

    [M]aybe Taric is not gay. Maybe he loves women almost as much as he loves gems. Maybe he doesn’t identify as a guy. Maybe he just doesn’t know yet. Maybe he doesn’t need to explain his gender expression in terms that fit your worldview.

    Or maybe he is gay, and he doesn’t feel the need to navigate the complex network of social connections between the League and the…

    July 21st

    off drowning in a sea of Takes, and in doing so, arrives at something about the state of games crit that has been incredibly difficult to articulate.

    “In truth, there’s a lot of punditry going around in the world of games criticism. There’s not so much critique of labor practices going around as there is opinions on them. Who should do what, and when – but solutions offered only appeal to the barest audience of people that are already reading another article.”

    Interior Landscapes

    A pair of articles this week look at the reciprocal–and affirming–exchanges between our play

    November 20th

    …Picking Up My Controller After the Election – FemHype Charlotte talks about the value of games criticism during a time of urgent political need.

  • A New Way of Playing Japanese and English Games Side-By-Side « Legends of Localization This tool for evaluating localization and expanding your own knowledge of a foreign language has set some critics’ tongues wagging.
  • Artist turns Grand Theft Auto V into a ghost city – Kill Screen Chris Priestman highlights a piece of philosophical artwork created by remixing a bestselling game property.
  • “Arcier mentions that he was inspired by Titus Lucretius Carus’s philosophical poem De…

    November 8th

    …Zealand gamers. The situation is (or was) that Microsoft locked a number of them out of Xbox Live downloads a few months back, and Tracey Lien takes the time to explain the whole strange situation.

    Jorge Albor explores the online world of League of Legends and its online culture in ‘The Blame Game’.

    Not really one to link to reviews, this section nevertheless caught my attention in John Walker’s review of Dragon Age: Origins,

    …these dwarves come with a history. The younger of the two is the only mentally handicapped character I can remember encountering in a game. He’s looked

    March 16th

    …some statistical analysis of various forms of representation in League of Legends. I can’t say that I’m on board with all the digressions that he makes, but the data itself is fascinating to someone like me who literally has no idea about anything involved with that game.

    Jonne Arjoranta wonders if you can ever really, truly know what it is like to be a cat person in a fantasy land far, far away.

    Jeff and Holy Grenade talks about his life as an Xbox Live bully. This link contains all of the language you might associate with that. [Trigger warning

    Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

    May 24th

    …have a dress code despite the more free wheeling image it likes to present and the pressure that invites to anyone outside of narrow ideas of masculine dress.

    G. Christopher Williams at PopMatters says that what is missing in competitive video games in an inherent behavior of sportsmanship: “In a sense, League of Legends players lack good coaches, who step in to define the boundaries and etiquette of competition, not just how to play the game.”

    The Grab Bag

    And the rest…

    We’ve heard the argument before how big Kickstarters take money away from indies and the numbers that prove…

    June 21st

    …by Gardner, her husband Bill (formerly of Irrational), and a robust team of industry veterans. As a novelist, Gardner shares her impressions of working in a collaborative medium:

    When you’re writing a novel, it’s yours. Sure, you may have great critique partners and a stellar agent […] but at the end of the day it’s your baby. You own it, regardless of how much input you’ve listened to or how many eyes have edited it.

    Writing a videogame is quite different. […] I was a piece in this very intricate puzzle of designers, artists, musicians, voice actors, and more. And

    September 20th

    …less powerful and often more time-intensive than the alternative, because you are often running up against the limitations of the abstracted toolset, among other things.


    Lest this be read as bad, I think “magic crayon” toolsets are powerful because of their accessibility. Anna Anthropy’s work (such as Rise of the Videogame Zinesters) has discussed the power of democratizing game design and its ability to destabilize hegemonic game design norms. Magic crayons are often a necessary part of that because they make people feel like these goals are reachable.

    Elsewhere, Carolyn Petit muses that what is missing from Mario Maker…