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December 13th

…and geopolitical contexts behind Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to understand the strengths of its historical storytelling.

  • No Man’s Sky: Through A Screen, Dully – GlitchOut Oma Keeling plays No Man’s Sky and finds that it’s more than retro in its sci-fi stylings–it’s a game out of time, with nothing to say.
  • Learning Tetris | Unwinnable Diego Nicolás Argüello writes about rebuilding and recovery–via relationships, via self-reflection, via Tetris Effect.
  • Dead Things Matter Too, Abzû – Venoms. Die. Twice. E. meditates on death, rebirth, and the phenomenology of the ocean in Abzû.
  • “To play Abzû is…

    March 18th

    …Maxis created a soundtrack that engenders instant nostalgia and “blissful naivety”.


    In the aftermath of the White House meeting with game developers, three critics look at the relationship between games and violence.

    • How Video Games Are Funding Gun Manufacturers // HeavyEyed – YouTube (video: subtitles) Heavy Eyed refers to a 2013 Simon Parkin piece on the business relationships between games and weapons brands, bringing his work up to date in dialogue with recent games and political responses to mass shootings.
    • Opinion: There’s a Huge Problem With Fighting the Anti-Video Game Debate With…
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    October 21st

    …wonder why there is such a glaring blind spot ignoring fantasy sports. Why have we not turned our critical gaze onto these immensely popular, and truly fascinating game systems? Chuck Klosterman recently wrote for Grantland about the effect of fantasy sports on sports fandom, but that is for a largely sports-focused publication. Are fantasy sports not effectively videogames?


    Rock, Paper, Shotgun is running an excellent little letter series on the stealth genre, with contributions from Andy Schatz, Raf Colantonio, Patrick Redding and Nels Anderson.


    If you have not…