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February 17th

…Now I Have To Keep A Sexy Picture Of Yoshi On My Phone | Kotaku God bless Cecilia D’Anastasio and the whole damn Kotaku team for living their weird-ass truth.

“every time I unlock my phone, I and everybody else in my vicinity have been confronted with a pornographic image of Nintendo’s Yoshi, wearing a thong bikini, under the words “hell yeah I’m a slut.””


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May 15th

…as statements about our responsibility to ourselves and to others.

“In Yoshi’s Island healing isn’t forgiveness so much as it is redemption. It is making up for mistakes though extra effort. By making the player have to earn it the emotional payoff is much higher and that is what makes this system in Yoshi’s Island so satisfying. Every mistakes results in a nice mini-arc of failure, struggle, and redemption.”

“The necessary unfamiliarity”

History plays a greater role in this week’s selections than any of the round-ups I have done so far. Perhaps we are in a bit of

February 4th

…the Colossus, Remade, Reviewed | digital love child Reid McCarter contrasts two understandings of the remake in this review – on the one hand, a sacrilegious mark against the original work of art, and on the other, a kind of public performance that restates the original work’s meaning.

“Here is a work of art that’s been deemed not good enough in its original form, only to be exhumed and made up into something more palatable for contemporary audiences.”


  • Yoshi’s Halcyon Music | Game Score Fanfare – YouTube Game Score Fanfare looks at the use of orchestration…