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February 17th

…abandoned shopping mall. I can’t imagine actually going to play it again now.”

Just for Fun

I’m going to put a content notification here for Yoshi images of questionable canonicity.

  • I Lost A Bet In Smash And Now I Have To Keep A Sexy Picture Of Yoshi On My Phone | Kotaku God bless Cecilia D’Anastasio and the whole damn Kotaku team for living their weird-ass truth.

“every time I unlock my phone, I and everybody else in my vicinity have been confronted with a pornographic image of Nintendo’s Yoshi, wearing a…

May 15th

…health mechanics can be examined as statements about our responsibility to ourselves and to others.

“In Yoshi’s Island healing isn’t forgiveness so much as it is redemption. It is making up for mistakes though extra effort. By making the player have to earn it the emotional payoff is much higher and that is what makes this system in Yoshi’s Island so satisfying. Every mistakes results in a nice mini-arc of failure, struggle, and redemption.”

“The necessary unfamiliarity”

History plays a greater role in this week’s selections than any of the round-ups I have done

February 4th

…up into something more palatable for contemporary audiences.”


  • Yoshi’s Halcyon Music | Game Score Fanfare – YouTube Game Score Fanfare looks at the use of orchestration and intertextual references in music written for Yoshi across different Mario games.
  • Harmonic Relationships in the Music of Disasterpeace – YouTube 8-bit music theory looks for narrative cues in chord progressions.


Finally, two critics consider games that seem to be terribly self-aware about their own nature as texts.

  • The Virtual Frame | Gorogoa | Heterotopias Nicole Carpenter analyses Jason Roberts’ latest game…
Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

August 4th

“There’s something powerfully irreverent about the poor game design at play in Endless Challenge Easy. They’re mostly a collection of levels that bring joy to the person who designed them. A person likes Yoshi’s, so here’s a level where you can run around mounted on a Yoshi. This person liked the new racing mechanic, so here’s a little race. It’s this snapshot into the world of the person who made the level, for the price of your time.”

Queerness and Coverage

The range of experiences available in games has broadened tremendously over the last few years–but…

July 19th

…Dragon Sword.”

Critical Chaser

This is one of the weeks where I put funny stuff at the end. Enjoy.

  • Yoshi’s Tax Fraud Story: A Hardboiled Detective Tale | Kotaku Ash Parrish did this.

“The following was a passage from the forthcoming book Mushroom Kingdom Confidential. The writer was found dead shortly before its publication, of apparent blunt force trauma to the head. Pieces of eggshell were found nearby.”


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October 2020

…emergence of a hard ‘skeuomorphic’ aesthetic – in which the intent to appear in a way to evoke another (older) technology or material ends up informing the game’s core design decisions – in certain Paper Mario, Kirby and Yoshi titles. (No captions)

  • Art Restoration (and the Biggest Mod in Resident Evil History) – Jacob Geller (21:27)

    Jacob Geller compares Albert Marin’s work on creating a texture upgrade mod for Resident Evil 4 to processes of classical art restoration. (Manual captions) [Contains embedded advertising]

  • The Genius of Mafia: Definitive Edition (Critique/Analysis) – Writing On Games (18:36)