Our new Resources for Writers page

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Here at Critical Distance, we often field questions from young and aspiring writers on where to go to get their work published. Obviously, you’re always able to go to a place like WordPress, Blogspot or Tumblr to start your own blog (send us a link to it if you do!), but for those wishing to go to an established site to cut their teeth before an audience, we now have a resource for that!

Our new Resources for Writers page collects games-specific and games-inclusive publications which welcome unsolicited pitches and submissions. Currently, we have 22 listings for publications as diverse as quarterly academic e-zines to salon-style entertainment sections and developer-focused open blogs. And we’ll be adding more as we find them and editors reach out to us!

Recognition (and compensation) for one’s work are ongoing issues in the world of games criticism and discourse. A page like this by no means solves all these things, but we believe that by pooling knowledge and making clear, accessible tools to help writers find an audience, we can start to address a few of those problems. A resource page like this may be small, but we hope it eases at least one of the headaches that comes with starting out. And for more established writers, this can serve as a resource for branching out into other formats and topics!

If you are an editor of a publication taking unsolicited pitches related to games, consider getting in touch so that we can add you to our list. Is your site already listed, but you’ve recently changed submissions editors or need to make some other correction? Let us know. Gearing up for a special issue or themed month? Send us your Call for Pitches and we’ll link to it in our next weekly roundup!

The Resources for Writers page was compiled by Joe Köller and Kris Ligman. Its creation and ongoing maintenance was made possible through the generous support of readers like you! If you’d like to see more features and special resources like this, consider pledging a small monthly donation through Patreon or Recurrency!