Contribute to Critical Distance

There are a number of ways you can contribute to Critical Distance and help enrich the growing community of online videogame criticism. The easiest way is to let us know about great examples of games criticism you have recently read, and the preferred way to do that by sending links to the Critical Distance twitter account in an @reply.

If you have a videogame criticism blog, feel free to let us know about it. If you have written a post that you feel is an excellent piece of games criticism, please send a link. We only ask, however, that you don’t send a link to every single post you write, as we can only select the very best from each week to highlight, and judging the quality of your own work is a difficult and highly subjective task. Please also bear in mind that the This Week in Videogame Blogging posts are the product of just one person, and as such we can’t guarantee perfection or that TWIVGB will never miss something excellent in a particular week.

Critical Distance features longer posts in the form of overviews of discussions around specific games or topics. We welcome and encourage these “Critical Compilations” from anyone, with only the proviso that the piece in question thoroughly represent the breadth and depth of discussion about the game or topic, and that the game has been out for sufficient time to allow for critical responses to have tapered off.

Lastly, Critical Distance also infrequently runs “Spotlight” features which aim to present a prominent or notable member of the videogame criticism community and highlight their contributions, or to highlight a particular design aspect or form of analysis seen across multiple games. These are usually done by members of the community who have read and appreciated a particular author, or tracked the discourse on a given subject, over a number of months or years.

If you would like to write for any of these formats, or want to talk about another idea for contributing to Critical Distance, please email us at:


Don’t forget to include the type of submission in your subject line, such as ‘This Week in Videogame Blogging’ or ‘Blogs of the Round Table’!