Between vintage games collections, retro aesthetics, and the increasing interest in games from the museum sector, the position of games in their own time is a topic close to many people’s hearts. Games themselves are a medium that plays with time, inheriting questions of pacing and anticipation from cinema.

April 24th


Welcome back, readers. This week’s around-the-site announcement is that the new Keywords is live! This episode’s guests are Regina Seiwald and Ed Vollans, speaking on the topic of paratexts. This Week in Videogame Blogging is a roundup highlighting the most important critical…

August 22nd


Welcome back, readers. It’s another quiet week around the site in a distinctly unquiet world. If you’ve been feeling angry and powerless watching the catastrophic conclusion of the American Empire’s twenty-year fuckup in Afghanistan, this would be a good place to lend…