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September 23rd

…that human subjectivity will always prevent us from perfectly interpreting a game’s meaning:

If Super Hexagon is an outworking of Nietzsche’s ideals, then it is also a demonstration of his shortcomings. He spoke of man as improving and as you play Super Hexagon, you will eventually improve. But he also spoke of man as becoming something more than man, transcending the weakness of man’s nature by force of will, and this is a more tenuous proposition. This is a proposition that has led to holocaust and genocide. As mankind evolves and improves, we do not become something

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January Roundup

…the context of the games he wants to make which are about other feelings than “fiero” and “grip” (those are going into my lexicon).

Christopher Floyd has completed PGR3 on Platinum: we mere mortals should remain humble in the presence of a true thumb warrior. Even if PGR3 was utterly lacking in personality, its courses still had character – none more so than the Nordschleife.

Psepho wrote about the ‘accessible challenge’ of Super Hexagon, the magic of muscle memory and when the word “begin” becomes “again” through repetition. Have we all played Super Hexagon by now? You really…

April 11th

…that’s something to appreciate, considering the hyper presentation of gender in many — not all — zombie-themed games

From the same site, Ashley Barry looks into BloodRayne, Let The Right One In, and Interview with a Vampire to talk about unconventional femaleness in vampires.

From a more mechanical perspective, David Carlton discusses the simplicity of Ico’s mechanics vs that of Dragon Age: Inquisition. G. Christopher Williams talks about the use of scale in Risk of Rain. Problem Machine checks out Super Hexagon as a way to focus. Jillian at FemHype talks about Game of Thrones and her…

What has been written about the first endless runners?

…Streaming : Internet Archive dates SFCave back to a 1995 version for Windows 3.1.

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November 25th

…Age II does right with regards of stepping away from the RPG norm. He also has a piece on Super Hexagon where he compares learning the game to the similar struggle of learning to read.

Joseph Bernstein in his Black Ops 2 review at Kill Screen calls the game “An atrocity exhibition.” He tries to examine his feelings towards the game in the larger cultural contexts and why most won’t ever bother.

Meanwhile, Kyle Derkson at Push Select Magazine says, “If heroes actually exist, being one must be hell.”

Ben Milton writing for The Ontological Geek, asks…

This Year In Video Game Blogging 2012

…world’s treatment of trans people in the game and in her own experience.

To David Carlton, Super Hexagon is less of a game and is more akin to learning a language.

Tevis Thompson says that Zelda has been going downhill since the original and he wants to save the franchise.

Alex Curelea explains “Why Diablo 3 is less addictive than Diablo 2.” He explains that the missing reward loop is to account for the real money auction house, but it kills the quality of the game.

Robert Rath, in his column Critical Intel at The Escapist,…

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September 3rd

…How video games win back time • Edwin Evans-Thirlwell muses on the semiotics of slow motion.

  • Pygmalion’s Spectacles: Using Berkeley’s Immaterialism to Understand the Potential for Telepresence in Virtual Reality – Musings of a Mario Minion A 1935 representation of VR leads to discussions about ontology, citing games studies leading voices such as Jesper Juul.
  • Super Hexagon is a Simulation of God – henrique antero – Medium Hernique Carai muses on a tough, hypnotic, abstract action game that made a huge impression five years ago, with reference to Kierkegaard.
  • “God is not a thing,…