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    February 7th

    …again this week, now looking at how the difficulty of games relates to how we are taught to play them, while ZAM Editor-in-Chief Laura Michet offered an extremely enjoyable read on the interplay between friction and freedom in survival sandboxes.

    • The Didact and the Analyst: Learning How to Not Get Screwed Playing ‘Tharsis’
    • Strangling my dinner with my own two hands

    Both Polygon and Gamasutra published vox-popathons on Street Fighter II on its 25th anniversary. Both will likely prove to be useful resources for years to come.

    • Polygon – Street Fighter 2: An

    ReadySet Zam archive—pffff-hahahahahaha


    December 18th

    …a game series from Japan became associated with rap music surfaces some refreshing honesty about business strategy.

    “this wasn’t the product of an innate synergy. Not only had the two previous versions of Street Fighter III worked fine without being hip-hop-centric, but Infinite readily tells me that he was mostly in it for the opportunity. ‘It was just business,’ he says. Because he had grown up playing Street Fighter, Infinite did have some attachment to the series, but he can’t front. ‘I probably [still] would have did it if it was a game that I never really…

    May 24th

    Street Fighter Movie is Perfect, Actually | RE:BIND Emily Rose makes the case that maybe yeah, the Street Fighter adaptation–as well as 90s cinematic game adaptations in general–knew exactly what they were doing.

    “Is it campy? Yes. Shlocky? Absolutely. Does it diverge from how we typically think of the implied universe of Street Fighter? Sure, but it knows it and relishes in the difference. It’s a film that knows how to capture the attention of audiences who have little to no familiarity with the video game, yet makes full use of the vivid cast of characters that…

    June 25th

    …well as some meta-discussion on how we talk about design in criticism.

    • Street Fighter 6’s World Tour Mode is a Lost PS2 Game | Kayinworks Kayin is happy to see the latest Street Fighter offer up a rich and experimental meal the likes of which hasn’t been in vogue for two decades.
    • Untitled | cohost Bobby identifies a paucity of meaningful inquiry in design-focused criticism, seeing instead a trend towards surface-level reactivity.

    “i wish it wasn’t always a rhetorical question when people ask “what were they thinking?” i wish it could be a conversation

    Game controls and the ephemeral ‘feel’

    In a recent post at his blog The Inbetween, Mike Nowak bemoans the gap between intent and action which appears when game controls are more than usually complicated. Nowak notes that the unwieldy button combos in the Street Fighter series would seem unacceptable elsewhere.

    This [kind of] first person shooter doesn’t exist. Can you imagine the backlash if it did? Controls like this in such a competitive and highly reactive genre would be dismissed in an instant. No one wants such a vast roadblock between intent and action in a game. It adds nothing but an added

    Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

    September 6th

    I keep writing and deleting these intros, which is telling me that perhaps I’m overdue for sleep. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from all the fresh words of this week’s roundup! So let’s get right into it. It’s This Week in Videogame Blogging!

    Bodies and Background

    At The Mary Sue, the alliterative Maddy Myers invites us to talk about Hot Ryu, the fandom nickname given to an alternate costume for franchise mainstay Ryu in the upcoming Street Fighter V, and how his treatment differs from the sexual objectification we often associate with women characters:

    June 14th

    …them not to. The game would be ruined otherwise.”

    And would it? What would be ruined? It’s can’t be their escapism, a fear that they’d suddenly have to care about ethnic and racial politics — because again, the game already touches on those. Would their “immersion be broken” the first time a brown or black face walked down the street or into a tavern? I have my doubts.

    Walker later expounded upon his points in a full-on editorial, challenging the argument that criticisms such as his “force” an agenda on developers:

    Those of us who…