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  • February 7th

    …relates to how we are taught to play them, while ZAM Editor-in-Chief Laura Michet offered an extremely enjoyable read on the interplay between friction and freedom in survival sandboxes.

    • The Didact and the Analyst: Learning How to Not Get Screwed Playing ‘Tharsis’
    • Strangling my dinner with my own two hands

    Both Polygon and Gamasutra published vox-popathons on Street Fighter II on its 25th anniversary. Both will likely prove to be useful resources for years to come.

    • Polygon – Street Fighter 2: An Oral History
    • Gamasutra – Considering Street Fighter II’s legacy on its 25th anniversary


    December 18th

    …became associated with rap music surfaces some refreshing honesty about business strategy.

    “this wasn’t the product of an innate synergy. Not only had the two previous versions of Street Fighter III worked fine without being hip-hop-centric, but Infinite readily tells me that he was mostly in it for the opportunity. ‘It was just business,’ he says. Because he had grown up playing Street Fighter, Infinite did have some attachment to the series, but he can’t front. ‘I probably [still] would have did it if it was a game that I never really messed with like that,’ he admits.”


    May 24th

    …their retrospective looks at early examples in their respective genres/media, as well as by their intersections with adaptation.

    • Of Rats and Men: How a Lurid 1974 Best-Seller Revolutionized Strategy Games – Uppercut Alexander Chatziioannou peers into the story behind an experimental adaptation of James Herbert’s horror novel The Rats.
    • Colossal Cave Adventure [1977] – Arcade Idea Arcade Idea delves into a design and genre study of interactive fiction via one of its conspicuously long-lived progenitor texts.
    • The Street Fighter Movie is Perfect, Actually | RE:BIND Emily Rose makes the case that maybe yeah, the Street Fighter adaptation–as well as

    Game controls and the ephemeral ‘feel’

    In a recent post at his blog The Inbetween, Mike Nowak bemoans the gap between intent and action which appears when game controls are more than usually complicated. Nowak notes that the unwieldy button combos in the Street Fighter series would seem unacceptable elsewhere.

    This [kind of] first person shooter doesn’t exist. Can you imagine the backlash if it did? Controls like this in such a competitive and highly reactive genre would be dismissed in an instant. No one wants such a vast roadblock between intent and action in a game. It adds nothing but an added level of obfuscation,

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    September 6th

    I keep writing and deleting these intros, which is telling me that perhaps I’m overdue for sleep. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from all the fresh words of this week’s roundup! So let’s get right into it. It’s This Week in Videogame Blogging!

    Bodies and Background

    At The Mary Sue, the alliterative Maddy Myers invites us to talk about Hot Ryu, the fandom nickname given to an alternate costume for franchise mainstay Ryu in the upcoming Street Fighter V, and how his treatment differs from the sexual objectification we often associate with women characters:

    When the “Hot Ryu”

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    February 21st

    …of mind control in battle.

    • A Farewell to Focus | ZAM Suriel Vazquez’s technical analysis of design change in Street Fighter and the tension between casual fun and professional depth

    “Before long, The Focus Attack went from being a way for the casual crowd to implement something new into their game plan to one of the most technical aspects of the game”

    • The Half A Press Sensation | ZAM Joe Köller examines the unexpected directions taken by artisans of the tool-assisted flawless run
    • Charmed, I’m Sure | The Ontological Geek Bill Coberly analyses the

    October 2nd

    Welcome to our swanky new website! It’s been an intense week of web development, and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt quite this proud of a website I’ve worked on. I hope you like what you see, and do let me know if you have any issues. I’ll be announcing some of our new features over the coming weeks. For now, on with the roundup!


    There are two photo essays in this week’s roundup! I’m thrilled to include them, and I would love to see more. Please keep recommending them!

    Gary Dooton Gary Dooton Gary Dooton

    • Street

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    June 30th

    …a little bit upset with myself – that thought process is not, for want of a better word, normal. Which means I’m not normal. Which isn’t news to anyone really but I was always hoping to be more amusingly quirky-weird abnormal than buried-trauma-manifesting-in-unexpected-ways abnormal.”

    Trash Mammals and Street Fighters

    Queer representation in games by itself isn’t enough if the characters at play aren’t allowed to be real, vulnerable, and messy. Two authors this week write on the subject of queer femininit(ies) in games.

    • Street Fighter’s Queer Stereotypes Kept Me In The Closet | Kotaku Maddy Myers articulates the…

    June 14th

    …driving thesis of salt is not “I should have won” nor “you should have lost.” To be salty is to believe that there is a “should” at all, that competition has a moral arc with a rightful conclusion.


    One match from a 2013 fighting game tournament perfectly summarizes the problem of salt and the plateau it can represent. FSP, a talented Street Fighter IV player, squared off against a random competitor named, in a delightful irony, Gandhi. Gandhi played in a spectacularly terrible fashion, making random, sometimes bizarre choices. He played the game at an astoundingly low level for…