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Bioshock: Infinite

…which followed me through the credits and for the rest of the night.

Also on the 25th, Yannick LeJacq at Kill Screen spoke to Levine about the upcoming launch and the pressures of game development. Among more specific questions about the game’s development, LeJacq asked Levine if the game had been influenced by recent American political movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. “Remember, we created Vox Populi—the characters in the game—before Occupy Wall Street, and the Founders before the Tea Party. And the reason that is is not because we saw the future, but because we were…

Far Cry 2

…include it because of all of those pieces over the years, this one is, I think, the most articulate, and most well-written.

These next two pieces have a lot in common. Both are fairly serious criticisms of the ludic and narrative handling of some elements of the game. These pieces call out the game’s allusions to political Realism, the problem of the absence of civilians, and its handling of imperialist and colonialist tropes. These criticisms are tough, given how hard we on the development team tried to challenge problematic ideas. But it’s not the purpose of these posts to defend…