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April 24th

…heroes are happy. Interactive fiction best aims at second-order emotions like guilt, pride, or guardianship. These emotions share a social component in that they are reactions to society’s assumed reaction to one’s own actions. For the interactive author their social basis is less important than their origin in one’s own actions. “

Dark Souls 3

The multiplayer modes of Dark Souls 3 bring up more specific questions about what kind of work we do for each other in games.

  • Dark Souls 3‘s multiplayer is a very different, absolutely brilliant take on online • Rich…

Assassin’s Creed III

…with crashing waves and stunning animations of ships sinking after sustaining too much damage. Taking to the open seas is blast throughout the game, with enough depth to stand as its own release.

After the sea combat side-missions, AC3’s revamped version of AC:Brotherhood multiplayer also received near-unanimous praise from critics. Arthur Gies at Polygon distilled the AC3 multiplayer experience for novice AC players:

Since Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, the series has had some of the coolest, most unique multiplayer suites around. Descriptions often reference the Turing Test, which is as apt as anything — you play the role of predator and…

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March 27th

…people discussing the cruelty of online multiplayer environments at their most brutal (content warning: descriptions of abuse and violence).

  • The Division might be the glossiest Skinner box ever created William Hughes argues at the A.V. Club that The Division is as manipulative and cynical as every other MMO.
  • The Small Moments That Make ‘The Division’ Worthwhile Mike Perna at GameChurch takes in the dramatic environmental storytelling, finding enjoyment in its darkness.
  • Being harassed in The Division‘s Dark Zone Brad Gallaway describes how The Division‘s gritty approach to PvP facilitates a rather disturbing form of harassment

“It’s one thing

October 2020

…for both player types. (Manual captions)

  • Mass Effect Expanded What Games Were Capable of (For Me) | GTDM – First Five

    Alex remembers how Mass Effect solidified the concept of role-play and story in games for a generation that largely grew up on consoles. (Autocaptions)

  • Is The Last of Us Part II One Big Guilt Trip? – Games As Literature (21:23)

    The Game Professor argues that player agency and character choices are too often needlessly conflated in contemporary games criticism. (Manual captions)

  • How Much Does Multiplayer Population Matter? – Raycevick (14:40)

    Raycevick reckons the bottom-line of player

  • September 13th

    …that? Understanding the design logics and structures in games that impede as well as facilitate positive social experiences is kind of an important thing right now, since so many of us are relying on games to fulfill needs they weren’t necessarily designed for. Two sturdy pieces this week detail some of the minutiae of these processes.

    • E-Sports, a.k.a. The Antisocial Medium | Corporate Future Nightmare World Brendan Vance delves into the antisociality and abuse baked into anonymized matchmaking.
    • Why Online Multiplayer Isn’t So Social – Uppercut Henry Ewins traces the complex relationship between increasingly pronounced individualistic social values and

    May 3rd

    …RE:BIND Emily Rose traces linages between Star Wars: Jedi Academy‘s more supportive and welcoming community and structural affordances in its multiplayer that allow for breathing space, chill time, and a certain etiquette.

    “Our rhetoric and approach towards multiplayer gaming is now identifiably rooted in the sluggish rat race once found only in highly coordinated MMORPG raids. Now, more than ever, we need serene spaces of meditation mixed with challenging thoughtful gameplay, an act that brings us together instead of pushing us apart.”

    Teachable Moments

    In each of the four articles that follow, the authors identify failures in recent

    Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

    March 2020

    …there’ve been two (!) Screen Therapy picks already in this roundup, our appetite for help, guidance and solace during these difficult and lonely times is bottomless. Here are a few more videos that I feel speak, however tangentially, to this present moment.

    • This Game is Helping Me Cope Right Now – People Make Games (9:47)

      Chris from PMG talks about finding solace in the anonymous support-writing community of Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) at a time of heightened reliance on social media. Relatable. (Autocaptions)

    • What Online Multiplayer Is Like For Someone Who Doesn’t

    September 15th

    Yester Play

    A pair of authors this week reflect on play experiences and broader interactions with gaming culture from days past.

    • Confessions Of A Teenaged Strip-Mall GameStop Delinquent | Kotaku Cecilia D’Anastasio chronicles the rise and fall of GameStop through the lens of adolescent escapism, both on and offline.
    • Establishing relationships through childhood gaming | Into The Spine Tanya Khan describes the unifying, culture, generation, and language-crossing power of couch multiplayer.

    “In a time where we weren’t necessarily exposed to online gaming and interacting cross-continentally through gaming chat rooms, multiplayer games were the perfect way to break

    April 11th

    …always keen to see more treatment of.

    Andrew at the Little Bo Beep blog notes in ‘The Loneliness of Multiplayer’ [mirror] that, “sometimes multiplayer can exacerbate a game’s feeling of loneliness”.

    Pre-empting Ellie Gibson’s much linked and talked about ‘Farmville Diaries’, Brian Longtin of the Under Culture blog wrote about ‘Being and Nothingness and Farmville’ [mirror].

    Clint Hocking was interviewed by GamesTM in their March 2010 issue of the print magazine, (a magazine that I was incidentally also interviewed in) and it’s made its way onto the newly launched GamesTM’s blog.

    Annie Wright at GamerMelodico find ‘5 Real-World “oddities” that…