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Fallout 3

Fallout 3 has no such adaptation. The game’s heteronormative attitude (as expressed in perks like “Lady Killer”) and paucity of options for sexual expression also troubled Denis Farr.

What you don’t know…

Several authors have identified ignorance as a key way that Fallout 3 draws the player into the creation of a personal narrative. Spencer Greenwood argues in “Ignorance is Bliss” that the decision to supply the character with a minimum of information encourages exploration and experimentation in the context of the game world, in this as well as previous Fallout games. Similarly, Justin Keverne found that his…

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…Weaponised Nostalgia Of Star Wars The Force Awakens 2015/11/20 What Happens When A Video Game Publisher Doesnt Like What The Press Is Saying 2015/11/23 Fallout 4S User Interface Is Truly Terrible 2015/11/23 I Asked A Genetic Scientist If Fallout 4S Creatures Could Actually Exist 2015/11/23 The State Of The Vita In 2015 2015/11/24 The State Of The 3Ds In 2015 2015/11/25 The Problem With The Post Bungie Halo Campaigns 2015/12/02 The American Underdogs Of Counter Strike 2015/12/03 Why Some People Are Upset Over Whos Judging The Game Awards 2015/12/07 That Time Kojima Deceived Everyone About Metal Gear Solid 2S Main…

May 15th

…latest Game Maker’s Toolkit is a highly polished review of the impact of game controllers on design over 30 years of history, with a glance at the future with VR motion controllers.


Critical writing on one of the most-discussed game franchises can still surprise you. The pieces below are absolutely worth your attention, regardless of whether or not you have played any of the Fallout games.

  • Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here’s Why | YouTube (video) This 90-minute long dissection of Fallout 3 is well-edited, funny, and insightful. It takes up a large amount…

November 25th

…tenor of the conversation around that attire than of anything in the game itself. Hell yeah.

“I like seeing my female peers reclaim Soulcalibur’s characters without shame—characters who weren’t created “for” them but who became weapons in their hands. The most recent time I played Soulcalibur VI at a party, the room was full of my queer friends, all of us hooting and hollering at Ivy’s slow-motion breast jiggling. “My girlfriend! My queen!” we screamed in delight every time she stomped. She was part of us, one of us.”

Fallout from Fallout

Fallout 76

November 15th

…already imbued this particular entertainment product with, are all justified, that the game they have yet to play is indeed going to be fucking awesome.

Fallout 4, Plausibility and Witchcraft

In contrast, Kill Screen’s Reid McCarter discusses the role of Dogmeat in Fallout 4 as a measure to “keep the player grounded amongst the immensity of Fallout 4’s environments”:

Games like Fallout 4—games with sprawling worlds, in which the player decides when, or if, to take part in specific story beats—differ from the directed narratives of media like film and books. Unlike the carefully…

This Year In Videogame Blogging: 2016

…rather than its actual difficulty is in the way.

  • How ‘Dark Souls II’ Reflects Our Historical and Political Anxieties | Waypoint – Brendan Vance In the view of philosopher Walter Benjamin, tragedies never stop as their effect continues onward. To Brendan Vance, this idea is the perfect encapsulation of Dark Souls.
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    • Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here’s Why | YouTube – hbomberguy – Harry Brewis An hour and a half counter to the mainstream video game reviewers that established Fallout 3 as a classic in highlighting all of its myriad structural flaws.
    • Anatomy…

    November 2020


    Backward and Forward

    Our next picks consider videogames and history from within the political moment.

    • Reaching Beyond Dreams | Pendragon (Game Journal) – Intelligame (16:19)

      Intelligame thinks about Pendragon’s portrayal of restoration and hope in the context of the US Election Day, 2020. (Autocaptions)

    • THE ATOMIC CAFE: Coronavirus, Ducking, Covering, and the American Cultural FALLOUT – KyleKallgrenBHH (1:12:04)

      Kyle Kallgren looks at the 1940s-60s messaging around nuclear weaponry which influenced the aesthetic of the fallout series, and how the perpetual trauma of misinformation resonates in this time of pandemic. (Manual captions)

    December 2020

    …video essayists look at how the meaningful integration of choice and agency permeate in theme and design.

    • Fallout: New Vegas Is Genius, And Here’s Why – hbomberguy (1:37:41)

      Harry Brewis carefully dissects the elements of writing, game design and world building which made Fallout: New Vegas a “timeless” game which allowed the player to make meaningful and interesting choices. (Autocaptions)

    • Playing as Anyone in Watch Dogs Legion – Errant Signal (33:10)

      Chris Franklin finds Watch Dogs Legion’s “Play as Anyone” System to be an unfulfilling narrative generation tool in itself, but suggests it does provide

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    November 29th

    Once again, those of you who indulged in cooked fowl (or fowls within fowls) have hopefully enjoyed a long weekend with loved ones and have already begun making the next week’s worth of leftover sandwiches. As for the rest of us, hopefully the weekend was as outrageous or subdued as you wanted it to be. Geographically sensitive holidays aside, it’s time for our global weekly tradition of bringing you another This Week in Videogame Blogging!

    Something Something Fallout 4

    Wesley Yin-Poole tells all of Eurogamer that he loves Fallout 4’s skeletons, dang it! Not only do they

    October 11th

    This week we find our hero in bed, laid up with a serious head cold. But This Week In Videogame Blogging goes on ahead regardless.

    Lyndon Warren finishes his 11-part pacifistic play-through of the original Fallout. Highly recommended game diary.

    Here’s another Fallout related idea: this time it’s Gerard Delaney’s ‘Wasteland Commentaries’ which are going to act something like valve’s in-game developer commentaries, but for game criticism and discussion instead. I was intrigued by the prospect, and plan to record some excerpts of my Fallout 3 essays for the project, and I emailed Gerard to get a