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October 4th

…have a culture of emotional isolation that goes beyond the fact that you’re playing them by yourself. I believe that’s a large part of the popularity of live Let’s Play video feeds: the person playing can finally express the emotions provoked by a game in a setting where someone’s listening — because the game clearly isn’t. Isn’t that a mistake in an interactive medium?

Meanwhile, the newest issue of Well Played is out, via Carnegie Mellon University ETC Press. This issue, which can be downloaded for free, includes articles on The Walking Dead, DotA 2, and an academic…

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…crowd funded purse let fans invest esports

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  • January 26th

    …that while the 2-hour talk was interesting in its variety of topics, from game addiction to violence to the benefits of games taking on more serious issues, the debate unfortunately strayed too often from the topic of play itself.

    And for our last course, on Gamereactor Norway, Martin Sollien weighs the potentially harmful implications of declining net neutrality and high bandwidth demands for the users of services like Netflix,, or enthusiasts of F2P games like Dota 2.

    That’s all for this week, folks! Remember to submit your own reading recommendations via our email submissions form or by…

    March 23rd

    …backtracking for his blog Haptic Feedback.

    Dispatch from our Foreign Correspondent

    Amélie Middelberg writes about sexist abuse in her gaming life and the various internet projects dedicated to documenting such instances of harassment.

    Tobias Martin Schwaiger considers how the movie adaptions of Resident Evil manage to enrich the source material, despite its own heavy use of cinematic devices.

    Speaking of films, Benjamin Filitz talks about the Dota 2 documentary Free to Play and its uncomfortable existence as a Valve product documenting a Valve product.

    On Polyneux, Doreen shares her personal experience with The Last of…

    May 4th

    …Twine to teach English as a foreign language in Gamasutra’s member blogs.

    In a guest post on The Border House, Sun Tzu praises DoTA 2‘s diverse roster of female characters.

    And our Foreign Correspondent, Joe Koeller, rounded up these fascinatingly contrasting interviews on so-called “walking simulators” at The three, with Ed Key, Dan Pinchbeck, and Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn of Tale of Tales respectively, are all available in English on the typically German-language site.

    Information Overload

    Finally, we would like to bring attention to a new research study conducted by Michael Lin, a…