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July 10th

Welcome back readers.

We’re running a wee issue this week, a portable one even, so we will once again dispense with the usual format and get right to the good stuff.

This Week in Videogame Blogging is a roundup highlighting the most important critical writing on games from the past seven days

  • The Diablo is in the details | In our first selection of the week, Brendan Sinclair unpacks the PR-speak and numbers games that further obfuscate the realities of the F2P business model, in Diablo and elsewhere. I’ve appreciated that the high-profile launch

June 10th

…failed to find an audience and then how surrogate ruins the otherwise grand Diablo 3.

Ah, no no. You want something more substantial, something more meaningful, something more political? You are in luck, madam! Thanks to a shipping error I have an abundance of just such a thing from Medium Difficulty. I have a Kyle Carpenter unpacking of the polemics of Tentacle Bento and examining all of the unsaid assumptions of such a thing. Also, a certain Megan Townsend bit on where Harvest Moon goes wrong with female representation. But far more bombastic is this Adam Maresca piece on…

Kotaku UK archive

…Final Fantasy Xiv Heavensward Log One Finally 2015/06/30 Assassins Creed Creator Plans Ambitious Comeback 2015/07/01 Sources Warner Bros Knew Arkham Knight Pc Mess Months 2015/07/01 Steam Players Make Justice Virtually Imprison Troll 2015/07/02 E3 Meeting Pro Gamergate Developer 2015/07/02 Heroes Storm Makes Butcher Diablo Scary 2015/07/02 Worth Reading Trying Develop Brand New Drinking Game 2015/07/03 Games Fewer Features 2015/07/06 Destinys Lag Situation Huge Bummer 2015/07/06 Love Frustration Ambiguous Video Game Endings 2015/07/06 Relentless Champions Classic Fallout 2015/07/06 The Land Where The Spectrum Lived On 2015/07/07 Riot Tried Fixing League Legends Jungle Created New Monster Instead 2015/07/08 Creepy Website Is Stealing…

June 5th

…self-determination in the face of the wounds capitalism and broader dominant culture inflict on us even when we “win” or simply survive.

  • Conversation In The Ruins Of Interplanetary Capitalism | Unwinnable Ruth Cassidy chats with Gareth Damian Martin about the material and embodied conditions and struggles which inform the design and play of Citizen Sleeper.
  • Diablo Immortal reveals Diablo as the slot machine it always was | Polygon Maddy Myers observes that in a microtransaction-suffused environment, Diablo only becomes more the thing it always was.
  • ‘Hardspace: Shipbreaker’ Understands the Joy and Grace of Good Work | VICE…
  • July 24th

    “The deliberate design and intent behind the camera in Session is incredibly important when it comes to skating because the main way we’ve consumed skateboarding up until the Instagram age has been through street skating videos shot on these imperfect cameras with imperfect lenses and lighting. There is an endearing rawness there that Session mimics honestly.”

    • Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions aren’t an anomaly — they’re expected | Polygon Still in the present, we now turn our mechanical attenion away from the satisfying and towards the predatory. Here, then, Kazuma Hashimoto situates Diablo Immortal’s monetization model in

    May 27th

    …The game is now about performance, in more ways than one.

    And you may have heard that a certain long-awaited game starting with D and ending in -iablo 3 was finally released recently. Kill Screen’s Yannick LeJacq reflects how the Diablo series puts the agony in games of agon: “When I start to get exhausted, when bolts of pain shoot through my knuckles and up my arm, I have to remind myself that this is a game about hell.” Elsewhere, Unwinnable’s Jenn Frank thinks the game is just too gosh-darn cute:

    In playing Diablo III, I…

    This Year In Video Game Blogging 2012

    …world’s treatment of trans people in the game and in her own experience.

    To David Carlton, Super Hexagon is less of a game and is more akin to learning a language.

    Tevis Thompson says that Zelda has been going downhill since the original and he wants to save the franchise.

    Alex Curelea explains “Why Diablo 3 is less addictive than Diablo 2.” He explains that the missing reward loop is to account for the real money auction house, but it kills the quality of the game.

    Robert Rath, in his column Critical Intel at The Escapist,…

    Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

    June 2nd

    …week, Craig Bamford maintains that often enough, game economies like Diablo 3 aren’t meant to function like real-world economies:

    Even if real-world economies behaved that way, games arent supposed to be completely free and open in the first place. Games are systems of rules and restrictions. The economies of games are about those rules and restrictions and the enjoyment that the player gets from operating within that space. The whole reason why Diablo 3‘s economy was a miserable failure, and why the PS3/PS4 version of the game won’t have an auction house at all, is because Blizzard forgot

    Kill Screen archive

    …crowd funded purse let fans invest esports

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  • you are…
  • October 2021

    …game’s branching story paths. (No captions) [Note: contains (unpaid??) hardware endorsements]

  • Won’t Someone Think of the Children?! Why Australia Bans Games – SIFTER (58:51)

    Gianni di Giovanni chats with Jini Maxwell, Chad Toprak and Arieh Offman about the pitfalls and impacts of Australia’s strict and costly game classification system. (Autocaptions)

  • Diablo II and “Value” – CSL (16:50)

    Chuck Sebian-Lander compares the transient enjoyment of acquiring Diablo II loot with social media metrics and perceived-value grifts such as NFTs. (Manual captions)

  • Gaming’s oldest urban legend is Atari’s fault – Polygon (7:00)

    Jenna Stoeber notes that