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I have no major site updates this week, so I’ll keep the preamble short and hope you enjoy this week’s thirteen cool-and-interesting selections!

This Week in Videogame Blogging is a roundup highlighting the most important critical writing on games from the past seven days.

Idea Generation

This week’s opening section isn’t wholly about design, or form, or art, or genre, but it is a little about all of these things.

“This is how Disco Elysium makes choice work. You can’t choose to be just anyone. You are stuck with yourself. Not only the circumstances of your birth; you are stuck with the consequences of every bad decision you have ever made. All you can do is choose what to do with the situation you’re in.”

Bad Place

Our next section gathers together writing about games and their relationships to dystopias both real and lightly-embellished.

“I can’t agree with Lucky or Serafinski entirely—despite it all, I’m still clinging to visions of a better world—but we could stand to learn from the commitment to resistance for its own sake. For if we only act when we think we can win, we may not act at all.”

Sims and Strats

Here we’ve got a genre-mashup section on simulation games, strategy games, the stories they tell, and the ideologies they impart.

“It’s a deference to an idea of “rationality” that lets you escape interrogating the underlying premises being rationalized. It’s the same selective blindness obscuring the fact that simulations are just made up by people picking numbers and writing rules. Ideology becomes invisible from the technical gaze.”


Cultural representations both real and fantastical, and the pursuit of authenticiy therein, is the theme of this next pairing.

“But what is a lesbian, beyond pining? Who is a lesbian, alone?”

Critical Chaser


“It’s okay ladies, you take your time.”


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