Welcome back, readers.

Gosh, this is a very late video-content roundup. It’s been one of those months. Sometimes these things get away from you (in this case ‘things’ meaning ‘watching vods about videogames’, and ‘you’ meaning ‘me’). My apologies. Hopefully this has given you all a bit of extra space to appreciate Chris’s excellent collection of fantastic queer games criticism from the first half of this year.

This Month In Videogame Vlogging highlights the most compelling critical videos about videogames from the previous calendar month.

Historically Speaking

Videogame history videos are a personal non-guilty pleasure of mine, so I’m pleased to begin this roundup with a healthy bouquet of them.

Narrative Architecture

The intersection of spaces, stories and character are artfully interrogated in these three pieces.

In the Real World

Once more must we confront the uncomfortable truth: virtual worlds are imagined and made from a real one.

Design Documents

Here we have two of the requisite essays on formalist design for May 2021.

Of Feelings

The ways videogames elicit specific feelings from players are explored in this next trio of short videos.

Play Labour

Let’s finish up with a few important pieces about linking videogames, the labour that produces them, and the ways games represent labour issues.


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