Hello again, Readers.

Well, here it is, the twelfth and final TMIVGV for 2020. This December was typically light in terms of concentrated critical content, given all the end of year retrospectives that had to be made, holidays taken etc – but there are still some great pieces here that are worth your time to check out. For those still wanting, I wholly recommend Zoyander’s grand roundup of the year’s blogging.

This Month in Videogame Vlogging is a roundup featuring the best video-based videogame criticism from the previous calendar month.

On Choice

December saw several video essayists look at how the meaningful integration of choice and agency permeate in theme and design.


Suitably to round out the particular calendar year that was, these few essays covered games that bring the player into confrontation with unpleasant feelings and experiences.

Design 101

Finally, we return to that perennial favourite area for many video essayists, which is to highlight and interrogate the design decisions that most of us take for granted.

Wow! We’re finished! Year done! Thank you, everyone.


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