Welcome again, readers.

It is my last video column for the year, already, somehow – though of course not my last column about the year. This one’s going up a little early because I’m taking a holiday from tomorrow, unless something else happens to intervene between now and then – which, I mean, if there’s one thing 2020 has taught me, there’s always the chance that something might happen between *now* and *then*. But let me pre-emptively state that, no, I’m not intentionally going on holiday to get away from the much-marketed release of a certain videogame, or to be off the internet at a time when said videogame seems to have taken all discussion channels hostage. It’s just happily worked out that way.

Anyway, readers, thankyou for joining us during this singularly strange and difficult year. I hope you found something to like from this column. And my special thanks, as always, to everyone who sent in recommendations of videos to consider.

This Month in Videogame Vlogging is a roundup of the best vods about videogames from the previous calendar month.

Feeling Things

We begin with a trio of videos examining the emotional and personal experiences that games evoke.

Backward and Forward

Our next picks consider videogames and history from within the political moment.

Where Do Heroes Come From?

I enjoyed both of these longer pieces that charted the rise and evolution of some 80’s icons.

Through the Looking Device

This is a bit of an unwieldy clump of a category, but – these selections are bound by an interest in camera angles and pixel fidelity.

Space & Time

To end November 2020, a couple of neat essays about videogames that play with understandings of space.


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