Welcome back, readers.

It seemed at some point – I don’t know when, several decades ago, when last month was taking place – that February’s TMIVGV would be a brief one. But then in the last two or three days of February (including that extra day that only happens because 2020 is a multiple of four) all the discoursey video makers decided to hit upload. This is probably the sort of thing that interests only me, compiler of this column, and nobody else. But the upshot is this, a large(?) roundup of February videos… a large list of videos for these large times.

On the menu from February: a lot about How Things Work, some about How Outer Wilds Works, and a good few about How Feelings Work. If you are in the mood for learning about the workings of things, this month is for you. And why not.

Thank you to everyone who sent us recommendations. If there’s a video about video games you should think should go in next month’s roundup, let us know with the hashtag TMIVGV.

Also, Congratulations! to Vicky Osterweil, who was crowned Critical Distance’s 2019 Blogger of the Year. Yay!

This Month in Videogame Vlogging is a roundup highlighting all the most important critical things that people had to say about videogames using the video medium during the previous calendar month.

Visual Workings

Admittedly, videos about the visual tricks of videogames are rarely in short supply on the tubeyou, but I thought these two essays highlighted things that don’t get covered much when we talk about how cool games look.

Levels Tell Stories

Three videos mulled over the nature of recognising realities when it comes to the affective power of videogames.

Outer Physics

The endless and justifiable fascination with How Outer Wilds, In Particular, Works continues this month with two more videos. But that’s okay, I love everything about this game and nearly every talking point that it inspires. Anyone who enjoys the following pair and has an extra hour on their hands could do worse than check out NoClip’s doco from January about Outer Wilds’ design and construction, too.

Inner Feels

In this section I’m haphazardly grouping together a few videos that focus on the relationship between game design and what we feel while playing.

The Building Phase

Two interesting and different videos this month dwell on less-considered contingencies of game design.

About Endings

It’s been a long roundup already, I know, but it would feel a little weird leaving these last few out, for some intangible reason.

Okay that’s all for February. See you next month, probably. Take care.


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