November 2017: ‘Collapse’

Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

There is something about the tight nexus of holidays around this time of year that always feels a bit exhausting. Last month, we pondered the nature of Hospitality, a theme that’s also relevant with the festivities on the horizon. Though getting family together is hardly a reason to bemoan life, it can be hard to find time to have decompression days. This month has plenty of time for frantic energy, but also carries the burden of making sure to stay rested. Sometimes, folks don’t rest enough, and the logical end of overwork has plenty to consider. So whether it’s post-meal food lethargy, or simply from overwork, we’d love to hear about your interactions with games and collapse.

Whether it’s from exhausting a stamina bar or running out of HP, games have many different ways to deal with spontaneous unconsciousness. But do games use these mechanics for interesting ends, or is it just another mechanic to keep track of in a growing list of interlocking systems? Is there sufficient punishment for collapse, or just a temporary inconvenience? Should games take it more seriously? Less? Or is collapse a concern because of games, and the growing trend of bigger games, more content, and longer playtimes? Post some thoughts about health and exhaustion with us.

And, of course, some of you are spending this month working on NaNoWriMo, which only adds to the workload. Don’t forget to take breaks! We’re going to be a little rushed this month, so you have until the end of November to submit your work. You can email your submissions or tweet them to @NukeLassic or @critdistance with the #BoRT hashtag. Happy blogging!
Suggestions for the Round Table:

  • Blogs of the Round Table is not curated. If you write it, we’ll publish it, as long as it’s connected to the topic and has been written specially for BoRT or up to one month prior.
  • Think of the BoRT topic as a starting point. Connecting your piece to the topic can be as creative as you want. We’re interested in both writing and play, so be playful when you approach the round table!
  • This BoRT post is the home of the discussion. Regular reading of other BoRT participants isn’t required, but highly encouraged. Feel free to browse the #BoRT tag on twitter to see if there are any words submitted already that you could use as a springboard for your own posts.
  • As a knight of the round table we encourage you to leave a comment on a blog to which you respond with a link to the response piece and give the original writer a ‘right of reply’. Keep the conversation going!
  • If your work contains potentially disturbing content, please include a suitable warning at the start.
  • You can submit as many articles as you like throughout the month, and it doesn’t matter if they are commercially published, paywalled or available for free. However, we can’t include paywalled material in the round-up without access to the article text or a transcript.