Support us and get free coaching from the Haywire team!

The great folks over at Haywire, who have helped a lot of games critics to develop and build careers, have very kindly given their support to our fundraising campaign, and are offering extra rewards to anyone who backs us at, or increases their pledge to, the $10/month seasonal special reward.

To support Critical Distance in their fund-raising efforts, we here at Haywire are offering our services to anyone kind enough to contribute. If you sign up for the seasonal $10 reward on their Patreon campaign, you get a one-time coupon to summon our team for your needs. Anything that’s within our expertise as editors to provide is on the board here, for example:

  • Feedback on pitch emails
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Freelancing advice
  • Editing passes on your writing (within reason, no novels)
  • Proofreading for your essay assignment
  • High-quality comments for your blog posts

This offer is valid only until December 16th 2016, when the fundraiser ends, but you can cash in your reward at any time during the next year.

Read more in Haywire’s post on the Critical Distance fundraiser, ‘Building a better future’. Or, learn more about this campaign in general on our fundraiser page.