Minisode 08 – Breaking the Mold and Cultural Musings

Welcome to the last minisode of the year on the Critical Distance Confab.

How this works is that each of us will go back and forth listing off three games each that we feel haven’t gotten the critical attention they deserve in the hopes one of your will take it as a challenge. These games can be anything from art games to prestige level indie games to AAA games that fell through the cracks for whatever reason.

On co-hosting duties with me this month on this chilly November day is GiantBomb writer and critic, Austin Walker.

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Austin’s Picks

Invisible, Inc. by Klei Entertainment

Cradle by Flying Cafe for Semianimals

Cibele by Nina Freeman

Eric’s Picks

The Cat Lady by Harvester Games

Tales from the Borderlands by Telltale Games

NaissanceE by Limasse Five

Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy