October 2015: ‘Leadership’

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Readers, I have had quite the week. I’ve just begun marking my first papers as a freshly minted grad student and let me tell you it’s a little odd to find myself accepting emails and appointments from lost students in need of guidance. It’s the first time that I’ve found myself clearly in a position of leadership, which has been a real trip. Meanwhile, many countries—including my own—are working toward an election, where new leaders may be chosen to represent and guide their constituents. So where do games fit in this discussion? How have you as a player, developer or commentator of games found ‘Leadership’ impacting what you do?

How do videogames conceptualize leadership? Have you ever found yourself thinking about how a game envisions a leader and emulating it? Or are videogame leaders an oversimplified power fantasy? And let’s not forget that games themselves are often designed by a hierarchized staff. Have you ever found yourself questioning a leader’s ill-formed decisions? Or have you been burdened with that responsibility as a developer, game-master or guild leader? Are there better modes of coordinating people than locating all decision-making in one person or is one expert mentoring a group the best model? Tell us how the idea of leadership influences the way you experiences games.

Alright, that’s enough of a diversion from marking for now. If I don’t get back to work now I’ll never get my Dead Poet’s Society moment. And, really, isn’t that what teaching is all about?

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