Minisode 04 – Wandering Around and Feeling

Welcome to another minisode of the Critical Distance Confab.

Unlike our main podcast series, the minisodes are a chance for me and a guest co-host to highlight some games that have gotten virtually no criticism written about them. This is our chance to correct that. They can be anything from art games, prestige level indie games, all the way to AAA games that might have slipped between the cracks. Though generally they will skew a little smaller.

Joining me this time is freelance writer for Paste Magazine, Imran Khan.

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Imran’s Picks

Petrichor by Sundae Month

Fallow by Rook

Rain, House, Eternity by Kitty Horrorshow

Eric’s Picks

EDDA by Diane Mueller

Small Worlds by David Shute

The Graveyard by Tale of Tales

Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy