Episode 10 – Winter Round-up, Winter Round-up

No, you did not read that incorrectly. This is indeed episode 10. Episode 9 is in the works still. (It’s a little more evergreen of a topic.)

Another year has come to a close and with it another year-end podcast to try and catalog it all. This time around we got the whole Critical Distance crew around the Skype fire to chat. This being that time of year a few of our panelists had to leave for family and friends, but the rest of us stuck it out. We don’t get around to talking very often, but we sure make up for it in volume.

The first two parts are on the events of the year from the Supreme Court to SOPA, from Sonic to Suparna Galaxy and everything in between. And the we wrap up with all the major releases this year from DC Universe Online to The Old Republic.


Eric Swain: The Game Critique

Ben Abraham: i am Ben Abraham

Kris Ligman: Dire Critic

David Carlton: Malvasia Bianca

Ian Miles Cheong: Gameranx

Katie Lloyd Williams: Alive Tiny World


Suparna Galaxy

The Many Faces of Tim Schafer

A blunt critique of game criticism

Bioware Neglected Their Main Demographic: The Straight Male Gamer

The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 19 [SOPA Special]

Debacle Timeline

Final Fantasy VII Letters

On the first person military manshooter and the shape of modern warfare

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Part 2: Direct Download

Part 3: Direct Download

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Part 5: Direct Download

Opening theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy