July, 2010

July 18th


Sunday’s are for being at the snow – yes, it’s winter here and I’m at the snow. Thankfully, I’ve had the foresight to prepare this week’s instalment in advance. It’s almost like I’m speaking to you through time. Speaking of time, I’m not sure…

Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

July 11th


According to my working document naming convention this is the 70th TWIVGB I’ve assembled. That’s somewhat mind boggling, and so is the number of posts this week! Greg J. Smith at Serial Consign usually blogs about architecture, and occasionally, we are blessed…

July 4th


It’s my own fault. Last week I suggested a summer lethargy may have overtaken the games blogosphere, so naturally this week we’re swamped with cogent posts about all manner of games. First is Dan Bruno at Cruise Elroy who has been playing…