Episode 4 – Genre Bending Discourse

This episode of the CDC Podcast is extra long to make up for the missed days in releasing last week’s CDC Podcast. This week we discuss genre in videogames by starting off with the Western and eventually interrogating the role of genre between videogames and other medium, videogame genres in general, and the role of genre and videogame hardware. After this week’s episode the CDC Podcast will be taking a brief hiatus, but stay tuned for future episodes. As always, I urge you to leave feedback in the comments thread and don’t be shy to drop by IRC to chat. The room is #GBConfab under the freenode.net server.


Michael Abbot: http://www.brainygamer.com
Travis Megill: http://www.theautumnalcity.com
D. Murray: http://www.graduateschoolgamer.com
Roger Travis: http://livingepic.blogspot.com/

Show Notes:
Braingamer on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
The XBOX Live community “Seasoned Gamers”

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