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October 14th

…are as allergic to colour as others, as if injected with some anti-allergy serum that saves them from the allergic reaction any other colour than drab elicits. And more often than not it’s in the ones that take a chance with colour that we see new worlds and languages brought to the videogame vocabulary, that so often stifles itself on the origins of cover and 60 Frames Per Second.

But wait, let’s talk about FPSes for a bit. For one thing, Brendan Keogh has fallen in love with a particular gun in Borderlands 2. For another, Game Church’s…

August 19th

Welcome back. Kris is on break this weekend so I’m here to fill your TWIVGB needs in the meantime.

The Extra Credits crew finishes up a two-parter talking about mechanics as metaphor using the flash game Loneliness to weld to discussion together.

CNN has done a number of in-depth articles on several subjects with how games are intersecting with real life in interesting ways; from South Korea’s Pro Gaming/Game Addiction dichotomy to gamifying the prison system to great success.

This week the community blew up in response to Borderlands 2 lead developer calling a skill tree

Abstract image evoking bird silhouette

September 13th

…name-dropping of yours truly in said article.

Jim Rossignol writes in his regular Offworld column on games taking their Artists and concept artists work more literally.

Ultimately, I think there needs to be much more mutiny in the art ranks. The concept artists need to fight back and conspire with the graphics programmers to bring about many more revolutions of the kind that started with Borderlands. We’ve heard years of rhetoric about videogame design tools putting power back into the hands of the artists, but clearly it needs to go further. If videogames want to be taken

2020 in Videogame Blogging

…Maneater is Gaming’s Newest Feminist Icon | Fanbyte Speaking of the best comedy being rooted in sympathy, I think Natalie Flores’s hyperbole and absurdity in this piece is very much enhanced by the sincerity that seems to shine through it.


  • Where Are All The Fat Queer Video Game Characters? | Gayming Magazine (Content warning: brief descriptions of sizeism / fatphobia) Aimee Hart asks for more body diversity in the representation of desirable queer characters, pointing to fat stereotypes in games such as Borderlands and Left 4 Dead, and narrow beauty standards in queer-coded games such…