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January Roundup

…assertion that “games that aren’t challenging are dull”, though. Ever played Journey?

Sinclair Target is also a proponent of the “challenge is fun” school of games philosophy. To be honest, a piece containing the sentence “Dear Esther isn’t really a game” and using the anti-description ‘gameplay’ is a good way to troll your humble curator, but I can acknowledge the argument that challenge is a useful way to analyse mechanics- separating Bayonetta from Barbie, if you will.

Ben Hallett thinks the consequences of failure in XCOM and Dark Souls separate them from the inconsequential Civilization V and Arkham…

March-April 2022

…Months in Videogame Vlogging”, or perhaps even “Those Months in Videogame Vlogging”. So to begin this new and probably short-lived format, let’s all take a journey back to the months of March and April.

Those Months In Videogame Vlogging highlights the most compelling critical videos about videogames from the specified calendar month/s.

Auteur Personalities in the Workplace

PMG’s exposé reminds us that all workplace hierarchy’s can be problematic, not just those of triple-A behemoths.

  • Investigating Three Indie Superstars Accused of Emotional Abuse – People Make Games (40:53)

    People Make Games follow three stories of

November Roundup: Collapse

Now is the time when it’s all coming to a head. Here at the nexus of finishing semesters and quarters in scholastics, several seasonal holidays, coming to a collapse seems inevitable. It’s a rough time, but the immediate future promises new rest. So, putting of work no longer, let’s all settle down, take out the food we’ve had cooking in the oven, and gather our feast here at the Blogs of the Round Table!

This month was rich in topics on Collapse, so we’ve got plenty to discuss. Predominant among them are discussions of Wolfenstein II, so be