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This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2019

…and bonds that last from one world to the next. If love, sadness or duty could move from the land of the living to the dead, then perhaps these feelings of pride and solidarity can shift from the digital to the actual. We made something; we helped each other. Video game or not, there’s a comfort in that. It turns out that being an Amazon worker in the apocalypse isn’t so bad when solidarity prevails.

Phew. Elsewhere, at Rebind, Emily Rose also touched on the protagonist Sam’s relatability as a gig worker in an arguably doomed world, while…

June 2020

…backdrop of America-Japan tensions. (Autocaptions)

  • You made us hit 3,000 batters | Fumble Dimension – SB Nation (1:01:31)

    Kofie Yeboah crowdsources directions to try and take a simulated version of the Seattle Mariner’s record-breaking 2001 roster to the playoffs in Out of the Park Baseball. It… does not go well. (Manual captions)

  • The Last of Uh

    To finish up this roundup for June 2020 it is my duty (I guess) to present you with a couple of vids on Naughty Dog’s shiny, exhausting and discourse-hogging series.

    • A Personal Examination of The Last of

    January 9th

    …of non-threatening pull possessed by one Hero of Time.

    “Almost every woman you exchange more than four words with eventually admits she’s got a massive crush on you but her devotion to her duty means you can never truly be together, which only makes you more handsomely intriguing, and then gives you a beautiful jewel (the Zora’s Sapphire, the Silver Gauntlets, the Forest Medallion, a spirited mare) to remember her by. It’s the Pretty Pretty Princess game for non-threatening boys. “Everyone wants to date me! But they can’t! Everyone is pining for me at a safe distance…

    July 24th

    …– Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster We begin our story in the distant past. Okay, not that distant, but it is my sorry duty to report that the PSP is now old enough to drive. At any rate, let’s start with RPGs in 2006 to 2009. To that end, Kimimi locates Ys‘ identity in a willingness to embrace change, with a lookback at the series’ PSP era.

    “Ys is iconic (and alive) because Falcom keeps making sure the series has games like Ys Origin and Ys Seven in it, games that are proud of the entries that came…

    January 22nd

    …The Good Ending | Gold Machine Drew Cook closes the book on Perry Simm and AMFV.

    “Ultimately, A Mind Forever Voyaging insists that, above all, we must commit to fulfilling our existential duty as human beings, to resisting the fascist tendency in American conservatism, and to serving as diligent witnesses to truth. It suggests, in a way brazen for its time, that we must remain faithful in the face of encroaching white supremacy, corporate greed, and state-sanctioned violence. Meretzky’s critique calls us to become more human, even as the state grows increasingly inhuman.”

    Out of…