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February 17th

…like a well rounded, fully realized person. Not an archetype.

Throughout my life, I’ve wanted to be in a game or live as a musical, and now I know that combination isn’t as absurd as it might sound, according to Aaron Matteson. And it seems like things have been getting too personal for some peoples’ tastes, so Andrew comes to task again to interrogate the lack of conversation surrounding the craft of personal writing. He will be a great number one for my eventual rule. So would Sam Machkovech, who’s frankness about the impossible position game critics are…

December 9th

…are really shitty for a really long time. It’s just that the good ones get better.) Frankly, it’s pretty fucking terrifying.

I hope this doesn’t sound dour and anxious, because that’s certainly not how I feel. In some ways, having to rely on faith this way is liberating. Knowing that you can’t be sure means you just have to do your damn best and hope.


On Videogame Tourism, Rainer Sigl suggests that the tendency toward exploration in games hearkens back to our ancestral roots as wanderers:

Games’ virtual spaces allow…

October 7th


Anthony John Agnello wrote an article about the controls of video games. I wish that I had words to make that sound more interesting; I promise that it is actually really cool. A phrase that is used in the article: “Mastery leads to grand expression.”

Matt Marrone wrote about being a “deadbeat gamer”. I have a lot of feels (when you read this in the future, know that ‘feels’ was a thing we said in the fall of 2012) about this. There is something oppressive about the constant slog of content in games. Marrone remarks:

September 30th

…stripped of its verse, are Shakespeare’s plays the same potboiler fiction as that found in many videogames?

That’s all the games criticism, commentary, analysis and rumination that’s fit to print for this week! Remember to submit your recommendations –including your own work, now, don’t be shy– via email or Twitter. Otherwise it will just lie there, depressed and un-CD’d, forever. That doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it?

Oh, and– you probably have at least a few more hours till Alan Williamson closes up shop on this month’s Blogs of the Round Table! Quick like a fox, now, get!

Adrienne Shaw | Keywords in Play, Episode 14

…of like, kind of like, back and forth which we won’t go into. But, that kind of like, do you see that as being one of the reasons that Hall’s influence has been relatively limited to date in something like game studies? And is that part of the kind of like the intervention that you’re trying to make in bringing these, these concepts together?

Adrienne: I mean, I think that there are two things there. One is, is that it does sound sort of very traditional reader text-based. And that probably is why it hasn’t, it doesn’t leap off,…