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October 2015

…it to the original game.

Stephen Beirne joins us this month with another Two-Minute Game Crit. In this episode, Beirne looks at Metro: Last Light and considers how the first levels of games set up a narrative design for the game.

Elsewhere, Heather Alexandra analyzes the complexity of authorial intent in The Beginner’s Guide and its seeming antagonism toward such in-depth analysis.

Over at History Respawned, Dr. Jeffrey Wasserstrom, an expert on The Boxer Rebellion, discusses the history of the Chinese Boxers in relation to their depiction in Bioshock Infinite….

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November 8th

…to teach us things to be worthwhile.

Here’s Leigh Alexander, again, this time talking about Twitch’s Bob Ross marathon.

Problem Machine looked at some of the issues with dialogue systems in a short post on talking simulators.

On Video Game Tourism, Eron Rauch is now at part seven of his exhaustive series on the MOBA genre, this time addressing how issues of spectacle affect professional play.

History Respawned is joined by Jeffrey Wasserstrom to discuss the Boxer uprising in connection to Bioshock Infinite (video).

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December 13th

…reincarnation, as examined in religious texts like The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Those two things have nothing in common, right? Oh yeah, except that they both concern the essential nature of human consciousness.

Nelson, founder and editor at Videogames and The Bible discusses Republique as a more effective dystopia than the supposedly “Mature” rated games that lean on explicit imagery:

All I can tell for sure is that in my roughly 10 hours of play, I was more disturbed by suggestions of the dark goings on in the game’s world than by any of [Bioshock

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Episode 38 – The Spawn of History

…of the academy. We talk about the insular nature of academia, the challenges of getting guests to come on to the show, as well as looking to the future of history-based games.


History Respawned YouTube Channel

History Respawned: Assassin’s Creed IV

History Respawned: Diablo III

History Respawned: Valiant Hearts

History Respawned: Bioshock Infinite and the Boxer Uprising

History Respawned: Uncharted 4

Backwards Compatible: Gamers as a Public History Audience

The History Respawned Podcast

Hisotry Respawned Patreon

Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing…

September 11th

…to be hard to come by in the narratives of video games, at least for now, and I hope that we might eventually have the opportunity to play games that feature mother characters that are not either simply demonized or victimized”


Examining portrayals of men, these posts consider the social codes behind the aesthetics of the male body.

  • Welcome to the age of videogame beards – Kill Screen Chris Priestman considers the aesthetics and semiotics of facial hair in games.
  • Queer Characters: BioShock | Vorpal Bunny Ranch Denis Farr explores queer coding and…

September 18th

…for the worse.

  • The Imaginary Racism of Bioshock Infinite | ZAM Robert Rath takes an in-depth journey through Infinite’s successes and failures in speaking on racism.
  • The Social Justice Witcher | ZAM Rowan Kaiser explores the fair and equal side of The Witcher III.
  • A museum is trying to reunite people with their old game cartridges | Kill Screen Blake Hester takes a look at the museum hoping to help wayward cartridges find their previous owners.
  • Undertale, one year later | Kill Screen Peter Lido examines the relationship between size and success in Undertale’s emotional

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October 30th

…Khee Hoon Chan describes the history of the Venetian mask and applies it to games such as Bioshock and Masquerada.

  • Playing with the Trickster | Kill Screen In a similar piece, Andreas Inderwildi looks at the trickster archetype throughout time and a player’s exploration of it.
  • In his book Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art (1998), cultural critic Lewis Hyde re-examines one of the most persistently fascinating figures of our archetypal imagination: the trickster. Of all the places the trickster’s spirit may settle, videogames seem to me the most intriguing. Here’s a chance not…

    Episode 40 – Games literary studies on Youtube

    …specific title. We talk about that original class, the struggle of keeping up a schedule for a hobby, and the pleasure that teaching and video making have given him.


    Games as Literature YouTube Channel

    Games as Lit. 101 – Syllabus

    Games as Lit. 101 – Literary Analysis – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    Games as Lit. 101 – Literary Analysis – Bioshock

    Games as Lit. 101 – Literary Analysis – Gears of War Trilogy

    Games as Lit. 101 – Literary Analysis – The Stanley Parable

    Gaming Symposium YouTube…

    This Year In Videogame Blogging: 2016

    …need @GamerX? | I Need Diverse Games – David Gaider David Gaider didn’t realize how much he needed a place like GamerX until he found himself walking around without his customary filter and he could just be.

  • Why is everybody criticizing Bioshock Infinite these days? | ZAM – Cameron Kunzelman Cameron Kunzelman addresses the above question by pointing out, it’s not new, you just weren’t paying attention before. It’s not the question asker’s fault, game disappear quick in the public consciousness.
  • Video Games Are Boring | – Brie Code “Maybe everything we know is wrong,” wonders Brie…