November, 2009

Help fly Ben to GDC!


Ben Abraham, the editor-in-chief of Critical Distance, has been prolific through the video game blogosphere for the last couple of years, through his individual work, his discussions in others’ blogs and fora, and his work here on Critical Distance highlighting others’ writings. …

November 22


In the middle of the torrent of newly released games, Andrew Smale, aka gatmog, writes instead about the six-month old game Prototype in a post titled, “Prototype: With Great Power Comes No Responsibility”. His thesis – that “Prototype is advertised as a…

November 8th


This Week In Videogame Blogging would like to acknowledge the useful contribution of everyone who’s been sending links to the critical distance twitter account. It’s been very helpful so please keep ‘em coming! By the time I’d written last weeks post, a…