AND WE ARE BACK! After a long hiatus the CDC Podcast has returned with a force–music and an icon. This week we talk about under privileged voices in games, specifically women in games, where all your questions will be answered and the issue will finally be put to “rest.” Of course I am joking but please come continue the discussion in IRC. We have moved to the irc.quakenet.org server, the room as always is #GBConfab. For those wondering why this hasn’t been updated on iTunes yet, we changed hosts for the podcast and the RSS is still in the process of updating.


Alex Raymond: Iris Network
Olivia Luna: Cerise Magazine
Regina Buenaobra: Acid for Blood
Simon Ferrari: Chunking Espresso

Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape
Brainy Gamer – OMG, Girls in Trouble
DoveArrow’s Blog – Oh Goddess, My Goddess
Tracy John of Mtv Mutiplayer
Gender Swapping and Socializing in Cyberspace: An Exploratory Study
Women in Games: The Gamasutra 20

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This episode of the CDC Podcast is extra long to make up for the missed days in releasing last week’s CDC Podcast. This week we discuss genre in videogames by starting off with the Western and eventually interrogating the role of genre between videogames and other medium, videogame genres in general, and the role of genre and videogame hardware. After this week’s episode the CDC Podcast will be taking a brief hiatus, but stay tuned for future episodes. As always, I urge you to leave feedback in the comments thread and don’t be shy to drop by IRC to chat. The room is #GBConfab under the freenode.net server.


Michael Abbot: http://www.brainygamer.com
Travis Megill: http://www.theautumnalcity.com
D. Murray: http://www.graduateschoolgamer.com
Roger Travis: http://livingepic.blogspot.com/

Show Notes:
Braingamer on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
The XBOX Live community “Seasoned Gamers”

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It has arrived! Episode 3 of the CDC Podcast. This week we discuss the approaches to videogame narrative, specifically the differences between showing and telling narrative in games. We have a very special international cast this week. So sit back and enjoy as once again we interrogate game narrative, go off on an array of tangents, and eventually come back to the question of “show and tell.” Feel free to leave us feedback on the Critical-Distance comments thread and continue the discussion on IRC. That is the freenode.net server, the room is #GBConfab.

The Cast:
D. Murray: http://www.graduateschoolgamer.com
Erik Hanson: http://www.elementsofmeaning.blogspot.com
Justin Keverne: http://gropingtheelephant.com
Arthur Tellurian: http://tellurianspetshop.wordpress.com
Eric Swain: http://www.thegamecritique.com

Show Notes:
Corvus Elrod’s article on “Show & Tell”
Ken Levine’s GDC 2008 Keynote

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This week on the CDC Podcast we discuss Bioshock and narrative dissonance. Join us as we attempt to wrap our heads around the subject and come up with the definitive answer to the question “How do we define narrative dissonance?” You don’t need to go to GameFAQS or Youtube to discover the ending of this conundrum; we don’t end up coming up with a consensus on the subject! My apologies to Roger Travis who become disconnected midway through the podcast and could not return due to prior obligations.

Direct Download (32MB, 42min)

D. Murray, Denis Farr, Travis Megill, Alex Myers, Eric Swain, Roger Travis.

Show notes:
Iroquois Pliskin on Bioshock,
Clint Hocking on Bioshock
Michael Abbott on Theater and Videogames
Corvus Elrod on Fabula

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Critical Distance Confab. The CDC podcast is a weekly discussion with a cast drawn from an irregular pool of videogame bloggers and contributors to the Critical Distance website. We discuss issues of design, culture, art, and the industry viewed through the lens of videogame criticism.

In this, the first of a tentatively scheduled weekly podcast, we have an extended discussion about the daunting topic that is Games Criticism.

Our cast for this episode includes:

Ben Abraham, Randy Ma (aka demonicmurry), Travis Megill, Alex Myers, David Sahlin, and Eric Swain.

I apologize for the audio quality as this is our first attempt at a podcast – rest assured that the quality of the recording will improve in subsequent episodes. With that in mind we hope you enjoy the first episode and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here, or via regular RSS here.  You can also download the episode directly. (55:42, 52MB)

Show notes: