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Jim Rossignol, Editor of RPS and writer-extraordinare, wrote a fitting farewell tribute to the late JG Ballard on Offworld today.  In it, Rossignol eloquently examines Ballard’s effect not only on his own creativity, but on that of contemporary culture and the consumerist society Ballard saw growing around him. The future would be boring, said Ballard. …
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Games As the Next Avant-Garde

April 23rd, 2009 | Posted by Alex Myers in Link-out - (4 Comments)

Darius Kazemi, of Tiny Subversions, recently posted his transcription of a GDX talk given by Ian Schreiber on “Duchamp, Pollock, Rohrer: Games as the Next Avant-Garde”.  In it Schreiber posits that a greater understanding of the twists and turns underlying Art History would benefit those game developers wishing to push the medium further.  He says that the contemporary dichotomy …
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The Danger in Cloud Computing

April 20th, 2009 | Posted by Alex Myers in Link-out - (Comments Off on The Danger in Cloud Computing)

In his ‘Ragdoll Metaphysics’ column for Offworld, Jim Rossignol mulls over the tradition of science-fiction to predict the next great technical/social revolution.  The Cloud-sourced service that OnLive is offering has been speculated upon in the past.  We’re even seeing the first few attempts climb out of the primordial pool to lie gasping on dry land.  …
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