Episode 5 – Gender in Games

July 30th, 2009 | Posted by D. Murray in Critical Distance Confab:

AND WE ARE BACK! After a long hiatus the CDC Podcast has returned with a force–music and an icon. This week we talk about under privileged voices in games, specifically women in games, where all your questions will be answered and the issue will finally be put to “rest.” Of course I am joking but please come continue the discussion in IRC. We have moved to the irc.quakenet.org server, the room as always is #GBConfab. For those wondering why this hasn’t been updated on iTunes yet, we changed hosts for the podcast and the RSS is still in the process of updating.


Alex Raymond: Iris Network
Olivia Luna: Cerise Magazine
Regina Buenaobra: Acid for Blood
Simon Ferrari: Chunking Espresso

Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape
Brainy Gamer – OMG, Girls in Trouble
DoveArrow’s Blog – Oh Goddess, My Goddess
Tracy John of Mtv Mutiplayer
Gender Swapping and Socializing in Cyberspace: An Exploratory Study
Women in Games: The Gamasutra 20

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  • At 19:20 I expressed doubt that there were a lot of women doing character design, which I later found out was super wrong. So, I apologize, female character designers!

    Also, I played Resident Evil 5 shortly after this recording (rented it), and lifted my personal Capcom boycott when I saw what they were trying (although failing) to do with themes of colonialism. I’m in for a Dante’s Inferno boycott if y’all are, though :)

    • oliemoon says:

      I saw what they were trying (although failing) to do with themes of colonialism.

      Except that Takeuchi has said that he was “not making anything that has a political message to it.” So I don’t think they were actually trying…

      • I mean they basically stole the plot of The Constant Gardener and made it about zombies. So maybe for them it was a pure entertainment matter of stealing a good Hollywood plot, but the original plot was pretty political. Takeuchi seems pretty brainless from the interviews I’ve seen of him, so who knows if anybody even told him where they ripped the story off from.

  • Thefremen says:

    Wow AWESOME podcast, some of my favorite bloggers on there. At any rate, you forgot the Super Princess Peach game in there.

    Also, interesting about the whole pink thing for girls because I’ve always been conscious about colors and have bought clothes/toys for my daughter with many different hues.

    Now that I know Bioshock has an ending I might get it.

  • Brinstar says:

    Typo: ‘Tracey Jones’ –> Tracey John. :)

  • Very lovely listen. I’m considering taking a few of the topics I didn’t even consider until this podcast and joining them together for something at my own page. Either way, I did find a couple of more people to add to my blogroll.


  • Welcome back CDC podcast. I actually cannot remember in speicific detail what was said all those months ago. But I like the quite moments at the end that seemed much more solemn than the rest. It was the right beat to take it out on.

    I think your conclusion at the end is absolutely right and would correct a lot more than arguements of the other in games. I found all of you well spoken and definately some of the better games.

    Yes Critical Distance was threatened, but without risk there is no reward. There were growing pains, but I think this site and the rest of it are better for it. I know I came away with a better understanding, if not how to fix it, but how to approch discussion of it.

    Can’t wait for the next one;hope it wont be two months out.